10 things you should be doing on the social media to improve your job chances

Published: 01 May 2015 By Suzie Larcombe

Pretty much anyone who’s job hunting on the aviation stage accepts that the social media has something to add to their mission.  However, while many people accept the power of the social media, only a very small proportion admit to really knowing what they should be doing on the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to truly add power to their aviation job search elbow.  If you’re one of the people who would like to use the social media more effectively to enhance your job chances, we reckon you’ll find these 10 Top Tips about what you should be doing helpful:

  1. Dedicating your account to your professional mission. It may well be that you have social media accounts that date back to your student days.  While doing your finals, you maybe didn’t cast a thought to what a potential future employer might think about your drunken antics that were captured on camera and published on Facebook.  But if you’re job hunting, you need to be very aware that your social media accounts can shoot you firmly in the foot.  If you have an account already that shows you in all your student glory or even in your mature years doing things you’d rather not share with an employer, it’s worth seeing what you can do to either clean up your existing accounts or create new accounts dedicated purely to your professional mission.

  2. Getting a great photo. The Director of the Cannes Film Festival recently urged celebrities to resist the temptation to encourage selfies on the red carpet and in most cases the same rule should apply for job hunters taking social media photos!   With the quality of mobile phone cameras and photographers falling over themselves to offer low-cost portraits, there truly is no excuse for a bad photo these days.  Make sure your photo shows you at your best: smiling but not looking cheesy and giving off a professional air but not stiff are good starting points.

  3. Incorporating the right keywords. Keywords are King these days.  The things that’ll bring you out of the depths of databases and put you in front of the all-powerful potential employer; if you don’t know the keywords that apply to your dream job, today’s the day to find them out.

  4. Investing in a powerful LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is arguably one of the most powerful ways to promote yourself on the job market.  However, you need a powerful profile to make it happen for you.  Keywords are of course essential, but really hitting the spot with your Unique Selling Points (USPs) as well as your experience and achievements are essential elements to get across, but you also need to write in an engaging way, without spelling mistakes and with grammatical genius.

  5. Presenting a punchy Twitter biog. On Twitter you only have a very small piece of real estate on which to sell yourself, so you need to make sure you make it punchy but also appealing and keyword-rich if possible.

  6. Focusing your Facebook activities. While the temptation with Facebook is to share your whole life online, when it comes to making sure Facebook adds power to your job hunting elbow, it’s best to keep a lid on your activities.  While you needn’t pretend to have a persona that’s false, Facebook is the most likely social media account to trip you up if you’re not careful.  Again, create a dedicated account if needs be and make sure it backs up your professional claims as well as presenting you in a credible and admirable light.

  7. Seeking LinkedIn endorsements. LinkedIn endorsements are a great way to show that you’re all you claim to be (and often a whole lot more); particularly if they come from respected industry people.  Seek out endorsements and reciprocate.

  8. Networking with Nouse. Networking on the social media isn’t simply a numbers game.  When you’re seeking to cross that all important 500+ connections threshold on LinkedIn, do make sure that you seek out quality as well as quantity. 

  9. Listening before you speak. Most of the people with a real voice in the social media have years and years of experience in public communication, so understand how to work the social media to their advantage.  If you’re not in this situation, then the best advice is to listen carefully before you speak.

  10. Participating with panache. Join groups that will help you achieve your job hunting goals and participate with professionalism by making sure everything you say is in context and adds value to the discussion.

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