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Are you in the process of applying for aviation jobs in Europe?  Maybe you’re keen to get the attention of an employer seeking to fill an aviation engineering job vacancy in the UAE?  Either way, it pays to have all your aviation ducks in a row when it comes to securing your dream aviation job. 

Job hunting is a tough process and the aviation industry is a competitive place.  It’s for these reasons that you owe it to yourself to make sure you do all you can to help you in your battle.  In this article, we want to share 5 Top Tips that will help you on your way to securing that airline pilot job, aviation engineering job or aircraft engineer job.  No matter what the role, the rules are the same.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Know yourself.  Knowing yourself seems like a weird thing to add to a list of tips to help you secure your dream aviation job; but trust us, it truly is the number 1 secret.  In order to bag that dream aviation job with any of the top airlines you need to know exactly WHY you’re the best person for the job on offer.  Agreed, you probably have all the right qualifications and you no doubt have good experience, but what else do you bring to the aviation recruiter’s table?  Identifying your star characteristics and digging deep to pinpoint your achievements are the absolute minimum you should be aiming to bring to the surface.
  2. Describe yourself.  Once you’ve sorted out all the things that make you the finest candidate for the aviation job that’s on the table, you need to get words together to describe those qualities in such a way that the aviation recruiter will see exactly the value you’re going to add to their business.  This isn’t an easy task and will definitely take time, but the investment you make in getting this right will pay huge dividends for your chances of securing your dream aviation job.
  3. Present yourself.  How you present yourself affects the reaction you get in every part of your life, but when it comes to aviation job hunting, there are a whole lot of different presentations of yourself that you need to make.  You need to present yourself to the max on your CV, your covering letter, at networking events, on jobsites and at interview.  While you can share a message between all these various channels, how you deliver it will vary ever so slightly from place to place.  Once you have the message you want to get over clear in your head, it’s time to plan how you’re going to present it across all your aviation job promotional media.
  4. Prepare yourself.  Preparation is one of the key elements of success and the bottom line is that no matter what sort of aviation job you have your sights set on, preparation is paramount.  No matter whether it’s investing the time required to prepare your aircraft engineers job application or prepare for an aviation networking event, it’s essential that you prepare well.  Airline pilot jobs, just like aviation engineering jobs are in high demand, so the more preparation your put into presenting yourself in the best possible light on paper, at networking events or when called to interview the better.
  5. Deliver on the day.  When all your preparation work is done, it’s time for you to get on the stage and perform.  When you are called to an aviation interview, it’s a good idea to consider everything from how you’re going to get there; to what you’re going to wear well in advance.  But more than that, it’s essential to plan out what you’re likely to be asked and how you’re going to respond.  Once you have all of these things sorted, arrange with someone you trust to run through a mock interview with you and grill you as if you were in the real setting.  This sort of preparation will help you bag that dream aviation job like nothing else.

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