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Marketing is quite literally the lifeblood of any successful business.  Without marketing, businesses can have the best product or service in the world, but in most cases, no one will know about it and more importantly no one will be buying it.  When it comes to job hunting in the aviation industry, in fact in any industry, there’s much to be learned from the marketing activities of businesses big and small to help make sure you stand out in the job seekers crowd. 

Depending on which marketing manual you read, the whole notion of marketing is based around anywhere between 4 and 8 different ‘P’s.  Those Ps include things like product, price, promotion, position, place, people, process, physical evidence and productivity. 

This notion of a marketing mix was coined by Edmund Jerome McCarthy back in 1960 and started it’s life with only 4Ps, but like most things, over time the whole notion has evolved in order to take into account the different world we’re working in today. 

So how can you apply this marketing mix idea to yourself as a job candidate to help you stand out as a superior product (or candidate)?  Here are our 5 Top Tips:

  1. Get to know the Product. If you haven’t sussed it out already, YOU are the product when it comes to getting the marketing mix right for your job search. And like any product sales person, you need to know yourself inside out to sell yourself effectively. You may think that’s a given, but if you do, think again. Do you really know what you have in your skills set, characteristics or experience that will make you really stand out in the eyes of a potential employer? If not, today’s the day to set about doing that exercise.You need to start by identifying your Unique Selling Points (USPs) and then converting those into benefits for every potential employer you apply to.While this isn’t an easy task, it’s at the foundation of marketing yourself to the max, so is well worth the time it will take.

  2. Take care with your Position. Position is all about where a product or service offered for sale by a business sits in relation to its competitors, so when it comes to marketing yourself to the max, you need to establish where you sit in relation to the competition. Can you justify positioning yourself at the top of your game and if so, what evidence do you need to provide to support your claims? If not, where do you position yourself and what makes you stand out in that position? Once again, investing some time thinking about position and how you can use position to differentiate yourself will be time well spent.

  3. Decide on your Promotional activities. Once you have yourself prepared and polished as a great product and have created your promotional documents, such as your CV and supporting material, you need to decide where to promote yourself as someone who is seeking a new aviation industry position. The days of relying on one job agency or getting head-hunted for your dream job sadly few and far between now, so you need to use a whole range of promotional channels in order to maximise your opportunities. Using a clever combination of online job boards, aviation specialist websites and the social media to promote your availability on the job market will spread your reach significantly and will enhance any relationships you have with ‘on the high street agencies’.

  4. Get your head round looking at Price differently. When job candidates look at vacancies they often look simply at the headline salary and that’s it. This is a real shame because, more often than not, there are other methods of compensation that will have differing values to different people. For example, the benefit of working from home or the luxury of private health insurance may have a real and tangible value for you in addition to the core salary package. Taking time to analyse the price you’re prepared to accept for your dream package or alternatively the price you think you’re worthy of might change your view on basic salaries.

  5. Include plenty of Physical Evidence. Physical evidence in a business sense refers to things like advertising, signage, logos, brochures and so on. From a job candidate point of view the most basic level of physical evidence is your physical CV and, for example, any photos you include of yourself. There after, evidence to support your claims is also essential when it comes to marketing yourself to the max. So when it comes to this last job hunting P don’t forget to sniff out every opportunity you can to support all your claims with impressive evidence and make sure you have great looking marketing collateral.

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