5 ways to impress your aviation employer in the first 90 seconds

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Interviews can be nerve racking enough with all the questions you need to answer and those critical first impressions. What if I told you, you could impress your aviation employer without even really thinking about it? Here are our 5 top tips to impress them in the first 90 seconds, and they’re all simple things too.

1. Try not to over dress.

There’s looking appropriate then there’s trying too hard. You do not want to be that person. Obviously for a pilot job or cabin crew, you want to look well turned out. Clean and formal of course. However, for an aircraft mechanic job or travel agent for example, you might want to wear something a bit more casual than a suit.

2. Politeness will go a long way

Many employers, not just in aviation, will judge someone on how the treat everybody before meeting them. So for example, the receptionist and the interviewers assistant. If you are polite to them, the employer will think you are genuinely a polite person and not just being polite to them in order to get the job.

3. Be on time!

This one may be a bit of an obvious one admittedly, nonetheless it is equally important than the rest. Be early, but not too early. Showing up 5-10 minutes early for your interview is ample time for both you and the employer. Any earlier than that, and the employer may feel pressured to hurry up what they are doing and feel rushed by you, therefore starting off on the wrong foot.

4. Be prepared stationary wise

You want to be prepared with a pen and notepad. There’s no guarantee you will need to use it, however your employer might have some valuable advice or guidelines for you to remember so you are better to write them down and then you know exactly what they have said. Also, your employer might be in need of a pen and they have misplaced it, you can then kindly offer yours. Just make sure that the pen doesn't include any conflicting brands. For example, if you are applying for a job at Emirates, make sure you don't pass over a pen with a Virgin Airline logo on it!

5. Look the part

Body language can make or break your job interview. Sit up straight, look friendly, have a firm handshake, do not wriggle or fidget, have eye contact when appropriate, and try not to play with or touch your hair. These are the main bad habits people have when interviewing according to a group of employers who were surveyed.

These are just some tips that shouldn't be that hard to master whilst in an interview. If you incorporate them into your everyday life, they should come naturally to you in job interviews which means you can concentrate on more demanding aspects of the interview, like answering the questions correctly!

Good luck!

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