6 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Are A Flight Attendant

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Being a flight attendant has its perks, but it also has its downfalls as well. It is a demanding job that can affect many aspects of your life. Here are 6 things you’ll only understand if you are or have been a member of cabin crew.

1. It wasn't easy getting hired as a flight attendant

It is one of the most competitive recruitment processes you’ve ever experienced, and will probably ever experience. A call out for 1,500 new roles could receive anything up to 20k applications, so its no wonder they make it so hard to get your foot in the door.

2. You must be a certain height to fit the bill

Your life will definitely be more difficult than others if you are what society considers, short, working as a flight attendant. It is pretty much essential to be able to reach into the overhead lockers several times throughout a flight, so you must be able to reach them with ease. The general height restrictions are between 5 foot 3 and 6 foot 1. Notice how I say, ‘between’? You cant be too tall either or you'll constantly have a sore head!

3. You are on a close watch the first few months

The probation period for a flight attendant is pretty strict. You could get disciplined or even fired for as little as not dressing appropriately or phoning in sick.

4. You have to remain calm in stressful situations

Sometimes a passenger could become ill on board and you need to deal with them the best you can. You have to utilise all available resources to make them feel at ease and to overcome the situation. The fact is, you can’t go anywhere else for the remainder of the flight. If there is a feud between passengers who have had a little too much to drink perhaps, you need to be the mediator and make sure disruption is kept to a minimum.

5. It helps if you like children

I wouldn't say it is essential but first of all you need to be a people person and second, it helps if you are good with kids. Flight attendants are often the last resort to a parent for a screaming child. They will often provide sweeties, any toys or even just a fresh face for the child so that they might stop screaming the place down. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than being on a flight with an unhappy infant.

6. Flexibility is pretty much essential

Airlines operate throughout the day and well into the night. A lot of hours may also be unplanned. For instance, if a flight gets delayed or you are in the air for longer than expected, you can’t really complain about missing your friends birthday party that night. Every one is in the same boat, (or plane).

These are just some things you can expect from a job as a flight attendant. There are many more aspects of the job that I haven't even touched on because we would be here all day!

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