Answering tough aviation interview questions: Why are you interested in this position?

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There are a handful of ‘dead-cert’ questions that are likely to be asked at interview.  Things like: Describe yourself; Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses and Why do you think you’re the right person for this job? are questions that give interview candidates nightmares prior to being called for any sort of interview.  That said, these, along with all the other commonly asked interview questions can be prepared for in advance. 

Like most things in life, advance preparation for any stressful situation will help significantly improve your performance on the day.  You can read our blog post about 5 Commonly asked Aviation Interview questions here, but today we’d like to help you deliver a star performance when answering the potentially horrible question: Why are you interested in this position?

The detail of the information you want to get over when answering this question will (of course) depend on the vacancy and your personal experience, but there are some simple guidelines that’ll help you prepare an approach that’ll stand you in good stead, no matter what position you’re applying for.  Here they are:

  • Show real interest in the company. Employers are as self-centred as anyone else and it’s a good idea to start your response to this question by massaging their ego.  Before going to any interview, it’s essential to do your company homework and develop a view on the organisation that you’re applying to.  You can find out how more about this here.  By talking about the company at the start of your reply to this question, you’re showing that you understand their pains and problems and you are setting the scene to naturally lead on to why and how you’re able to help them.  This is also a great time to show how enthusiastic you are about the opportunity that’s on the table.

  • Summarise why you’re right for the job. Once you’ve set the scene and demonstrated your company knowledge, you can start to speak briefly about yourself.  At this point, you need to decide whether it’s your experience or your skills that are most relevant to the position on offer.  Either way, make sure that you keep it brief and continue to relate your attributes to the needs of the company.

  • Demonstrate that it’s a good long-term idea to employ you. While giving the impression that you’re a day dreamer is never a plus-point, employers want to know that you’re in the job for the long haul.  Showing clearly that you understand the opportunities that the job might open up in the medium to long-term shows that you’re interested and insightful about the company and the position.  What’s more, this tactic also opens up the opportunity for you to align your own long-term goals and aspirations with where you think the job might lead.

  • Keep it brief and to the point. When you’re answering the question: Why are you interested in this position? bear in mind that it’s only one of many questions you’ll be asked.   Don’t fall into the trap that many candidates fall into by trying to squeeze everything you want to say into this one answer.  Aim to keep your response brief and to the point.

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