Answering tough aviation interview questions: Why are you the best person for this job?

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Any regular reader of this blog will know that we occasionally publish tips and tricks to help you get through tough questions that are commonly asked at aviation interviews.  Today’s question “Why are you the best person for this job?” is arguably one of the most commonly asked yet most feared questions.

If you think about it, everything from writing your CV to your presentation at interview is all about answering this question, but that doesn’t seem to help some candidates answer it when it’s asked as directly as it will be in interview. 

So how should you address this tough question?  Here’s what we think…

  1. Make it clear that you can deliver perfectly on the job description.

  2. Concisely cite experiences and achievements.

  3. Demonstrate that you’ll fit into the organisation like a glove

  4. And do all that in a couple of minutes!

Here’s how:

Make it clear that you can deliver perfectly on the job description

In order to make it clear that you are the best person for the job, it’s essential to start by re-stating to the interviewer how and why you deliver perfectly to the role they’ve described in their job description.  This might be by reminding them of your strengths, qualifications, skills or past experience.  Either way, your claims to be perfect for the job need to be tailored seamlessly to the key elements of the job description and of course match what you’ve already said in your job application, CV and covering letter.


Concisely cite experience and achievements

In addition to demonstrating that you fulfill all the requirements of the job description, you also need to make it clear that you’re a cut above the rest.  You should do this by citing precise experience in the key areas highlighted by the potential employer and by quoting specific achievements whereby you’ve exceeded expectation or significantly outperformed targets.

Demonstrate that you’ll fit into the organisation like a glove

Being the best person for the job, but someone who no one gets along with is probably not the best choice for any employer.  So what you also need to do before you close your response to this question is make sure that it’s clear that you’ll fit the company culture.  The best way to do this is by spending time to really understand the company values and demonstrating clearly how you share those values.

…and do all this in a couple of minutes!

In order to make sure you don’t ramble on when you answer this question, you need to prepare your answer carefully.  You should start by brainstorming these three points, and then set about putting words around them to start to structure your response.  When you do this, make sure you stick to the point and use words that you’re comfortable with.  Ideally your response shouldn’t be any more than a couple of minutes long and shouldn’t sound over-rehearsed but needs to be convincing.  Good luck!

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