Are you in the wrong job? 8 signs that you are a bad employee

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We all have our good days and bad days, but where exactly do we draw the line? Without realising, we can end up having more bad days than good and that's when its time to think about why you’re not enjoying your job and possibly move on.

1. You’re never on time, for anything

Whether it’s getting in on time in the morning, disregarding deadlines or being late for a meeting with your boss, these are all tell tale signs of lack of respect and care for your job or employer. They will not reflect well and your time with that employer could be shortened.

2. Excuses, excuses, excuses

Whether it’s some overtime, a special project or even after work drinks, you always make excuses to get out of it. This shows your lack of dedication and involvement in anything work related.

3. Doing the bare minimum

This follows on from point number 2. Reluctant to do any out of hours work or socialising and refusing any additional projects, shows your not prepared to do anything more than what is detailed your job description. This can reflect badly in terms of dedication to the job and will make it less likely that your boss will put you forward for any promotions or wage rises.

4. Serial gossiper

Gossiping in the office can mean you are bored with your job role. You should be focused on your work and not aimlessly gossiping with employees. This shows immaturity and untrustworthiness.

5. You don't agree or understand the company values and goals

Not cohering to or supporting the company values and objectives can show that you just don't care enough about the company in general. Employers often ask you questions with these in mind at the interview stage. More of the than not your answers to these questions can determine whether or not you get the job. You need to keep consistent with the core company values or the employer will notice your lack of interest and may not give you permanent employment if you are temporary.

6. You don't get along with any of your colleagues

You can’t get along with everybody of course, but if you don't get on with anybody at work, have you ever thought maybe you are the problem? If you are not enjoying your work, then naturally you will be giving off negative vibes around the office. You coworkers will pick up on this and will consequently gravitate away from you.

7. You are always saying sorry

Whether it’s to your boss or your colleagues, having to say sorry for things over and over again is never a good thing. You’re obviously doing things wrong and this can’t be good for you or the organisation.

8. You’re a clock watcher

Clock watching is brutal. Time seems to go at a glacial speed when you are keeping one eye on the time. Doing this at work is even worse. This is a miserable existence watching the clock everyday, wishing the day would end. It’s no way to live. If you are doing this at work, you need out of that job asap.
If you are reading the article and find you relate to the majority of the points being made, maybe its time for you to re-think your career. You want to find a job that makes you forget about the time and focus on your work. Many aviation jobs offer this benefit, such as cabin crew or pilot jobs. You are constantly kept busy and everyday is different in the job so there's no chance you will get bored.

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