Aviation courses in the UK


aviation courses in the UK

If you’re interested in aviation courses in the UK, you may well be a recent aviation graduate or someone who is just looking to brush up their skills.  In this article we’ll talk about shorter aviation courses, however, if you’re looking for information about university aviation courses in the UK, you’ll find this article really helpful – Best Universities in the UK to Study Aviation

When you’re looking to start out your aviation career or if you’re sniffing out a promotion, then study is a great way to differentiate yourself.  You’ll find that some of the courses we mention are short duration and are largely intended to be funded by employers, but there really is nothing stopping you either asking your current employer to fund a relevant aviation course for you or indeed funding a course yourself if you feel that the potential rewards outweigh the costs.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for aviation management jobs, aviation or aircraft engineering jobs, aviation maintenance jobs or a career in aviation safety, there’s likely to be a course that suits your needs right here in the UK.

Here is a short summary of some of the aviation courses that are currently available in the UK:

  1. Advanced Safety Management.  This is a 2-day course that is intended as a follow up to more basic safety management courses.  Intended to provide delegates with the necessary tools to evaluate the effectiveness of an organisation’s Safety Management System (SMS), this course is aimed at regulatory personnel within a National Aviation Authority or government department, safety managers and people working in a safety role who want to be able to assess the effectiveness of an SMS.
  2. Airworthiness.  This course is provided by CAAi and is run over a 10-day period.  Its aim is to introduce delegates to the concept of airworthiness and to demonstrate how airworthiness and safety regulation is controlled in the UK and across Europe.  Suited for aviation personnel who need this knowledge, delegates typically come from National Aviation Authorities, the military, airlines, maintenance organisations and manufacturers.
  3. Aircraft Maintenance (Civil) Level 2 Diploma.  This level 2 Diploma is run by The Aviation Academy and takes one year to complete.  The final qualification, which is awarded by City and Guilds, is aimed at ambitious licensed aircraft maintenance engineers or unlicensed aircraft technicians.  The course provides a comprehensive insight into the theory of aircraft engines, miniframes and avionics, as well as CAA legislation, human factors and aerodynamics.   
  4. Aviation Operations Level 3 Extended Diploma.  Once again, this 2-year course is run by The Aviation Academy, with the final award being backed by City and Guilds.  The perfect place for ground staff and cabin crew to launch their career, this course is the ideal place to head before your first job in the aviation industry or if you want to study aviation at a higher level.  Offering UCAS points equivalent to 3 A Levels, this course is highly focused on the needs of the industry.
  5. If Airport and Airline Management are more what float your boat, then the University of West London is worth a look.  Offering courses ranging from part time to full time in Airline and Airport Management, if you really are serious about getting a leg up to secure the aviation management job of your dreams, this could be the perfect solution.  
  6. If you want to enhance your cabin crew skills and an online aviation course would better suit your circumstances, then the courses offered by Go Cabin Crew are likely to be of interest to you.  Offering both online and face-to-face courses, Go Cabin Crew even offer courses in hair and make up!

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