Best reasons to work in the Middle East


Reasons to work in the Middle East

No matter what sort of aviation job you’re looking for, you’ll come across a host of opportunities for aviation jobs in the UK, but you’re also likely to see a whole range of aviation jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in the middle east in general. 

If you were to stand on any High Street in the UK on a rainy and cold Tuesday afternoon and ask people if they fancy a job in the middle east, the vast majority would probably say “Yes”, without hesitation.  However, when push comes to shove, there is often a natural hesitancy to pack up and head off to a part of the world that has mixed images globally and perhaps that you know little or nothing about. 

So if you’re facing a dilemma about whether or not to even apply for aviation jobs in the middle east, we hope these 6 great reasons to work there will help you make your decision. 

There are a whole host of reasons why the middle east is a great place to kick off your aviation career or take it to the next level, but here are just 6 of our great reasons to work in the middle east:

  1. The job opportunities.  With some of the most buoyant economies in the world, the middle east has its fair share of aviation jobs from engineers, ground staff to pilots; you name it and the opportunities are there. 
  2. It’s the gateway to the world.  Working in the aviation industry normally suggests that you’ll have at least some interest in travel, and from that point of view, you truly couldn’t be better placed.  The middle east really is the gateway to the rest of the world and flights that would otherwise have a stopover in the likes of Dubai become much more appealing when they’re only 8 hours or so from your base.
  3. You’ll get and international flavour on your CV.  When you’re on the up in your career, it does no harm whatsoever to have an international element on your CV.  A couple of years in the likes of Dubai or Abu Dhabi is unlikely to put you out of favour with any employer and in fact may well help bump you up the potential candidate list.
  4. The weather.   For anyone who has lived in the middle east, they may laugh at the fact that we’ve included the weather here.  But bearing in mind that this article is being written in temperatures that are in single figures, after what seems like weeks and weeks of rain; the middle eastern climate seems like heaven!
  5. The people you meet and the connections you make.  While middle eastern culture is all too commonly caricatured, there’s no getting away from the fact that experiencing any ‘foreign’ culture opens your mind.  If you choose to work in this sort of environment, some of the connections you make will be some of the strongest and are likely to last the longest.  Whether they be expats or locals, when you’re far from home and make really good friends, they tend to stay in your heart for a lifetime.
  6. Money.  There’s no getting away from the fact that the middle east presents a very attractive tax opportunity.  So even if you’re looking at a job where the salaries between the UK and the middle east are pretty much on-par, the taxation benefits could mean a substantial increase in what goes into your bank account.  Add to this the fact that most employers pay attractive benefits packages on top of basic salary and that petrol is almost as cheap as water and you start to see that the financial rewards of working in this part of the world could become quite substantial.

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