7 best things about being a flight attendant

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In this article, we’ll take a light, humorous look at some of the great things about being a flight attendant as well as some of the more serious reasons to give this job consideration in your search for your next aviation career move.  Calling for a slick combination of ensuring passenger safety and providing a great inflight experience, flight attendants play a huge part in the success of any airline.  If you’re considering joining the cabin crew of either a UK airline or even the likes of Emirates, here are some things that’ll sway you firmly in favour of going the distance:

  1. You get to travel.  Most people are attracted to jobs in aviation because of the opportunities they get to travel.  In fact, except for aircraft maintenance, some aircraft engineers’ jobs, ground staff and a handful of other options, most people in the industry get to travel as part of their job.  This is certainly the case when you take a job as a flight attendant - you’ll find yourself on the move every time you work.
  2. You get an inside track in the aviation industry.  As an airline passenger, it’s easy to imagine that flight attendants are only concerned with what happens in the cabin, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, flight attendants will be fully up to date with what the pilot anticipates prior to the flight thanks to the pre-flight briefing they’re involved in.
  3. You don’t need to worry about what to wear to work.  What to wear to work is a struggle that people who don’t have a uniform face every day.  When you choose to work as a flight attendant, that’s all taken care of for you.  What’s more, most flight attendant uniforms are really stylish these days!
  4. You get lots of perks.  Cheap flights for yourself as well as friends and family are amongst one of the biggest reasons for people loving this industry.  Add to that the opportunity to make extra money from stay over allowances and the likes and you start to see what an attractive proposition this can be.
  5. You get to meet plenty of pilots.  Okay, this one’s included as a bit of a laugh, but of course it’s true ;)!
  6. You get to use your communication skills, customer service expertise and safety knowledge on a daily basis.  Flight attendant training is highly focused on making sure that passengers are safe, comfortable and enjoy a high level of inflight service.  The training you undertake will be used to its full every time you fly.  Unlike some jobs, where you can afford to have a ‘down day’ or a day where you’re not firing on all cylinders, as a flight attendant, you need to give your role your all every time you take off.
  7. You get to meet lots of interesting people.  It goes without saying, but when you become a flight attendant, you come across people from every walk of life.  No matter whether you take an aviation job in the UK or in the likes of Dubai, the variety of people you meet will be huge.  This makes every day special.

And last but not least, when you’re off duty, you’re off duty.  How many of your friends rant and rage about the pressure that’s on them to do additional tasks outside of their work?  From teachers marking class work at home to administration staff undertaking additional projects outside of work, everyone’s under pressure.  One of the great things about flight attendant jobs is that when you’re off duty, you really are off duty.

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