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Being made redundant is a dream come true for many, but for others it can be a nightmare that comes like a bolt out of the blue.  If you’ve found yourself in a situation whereby you’re either relieved to be out of your old workplace or are in a bit of a state of shock about your situation, the thing (apart from your pocket) that often takes the biggest hit is your confidence.  So what can you do if you’re struggling to bounce back from redundancy?  Here are 10 things that we think will have you firing on all cylinders quicker than you can imagine:

  1. Revisit your core values. When we get heavily involved in the workplace, we often tend to lose touch of our own, natural, core values.  Taking our professional responsibilities seriously often means that we are required to put the things that matter most to us as individuals on the back burner.  When those professional responsibilities are stripped away from us, sometimes we feel a bit lost and a bit lacking when it comes to values.  No matter how simple or complex your value system, when you’re without the pressure of an organisation or a professional position to influence them, you can get really back down to basics and make sure you engage your own values when seeking your next aviation position.

  2. Make the most of what you’ve got. No matter whether you’re a glass half empty or a glass half full person, when you’ve been made redundant, the worst you can do is focus on what you haven’t got.  Basics like your health, as well as your family and friends can often end up being taken forgranted, but if you’re feeling a bit down, it’s time to be thankful for what you’ve got.

  3. Clean up your self-image. No matter whether you’re down on how you look or down on what you have to offer, it’s time to clean up how you view yourself.  Focus on your positive points, no matter whether they’re physical, moral or otherwise.  Seeing yourself for the great person you are is essential if you’re to convince employers that you’re worthy of their attention.

  4. Stay away from negativity. Nothing breeds negativity like negativity.  If you’re hanging out with people because they seem like they’re in an even worse position than you, it’s time to think again.  Other people’s negativity has a tendency to rub off on you and in a situation where you’ve been made redundant you need to surround yourself with positive people so that positivity rubs off rather than negativity.

  5. Learn to think positive. Thinking positive is something you can learn.  Take a healthy mix of humour, a better self-image, general optimism and a whole lot of determination and you can soon learn to think more positively.  While it won’t necessarily be easy, making the effort to look at the positive in everything rather than the negative will have a huge impact on your job chances and your life generally.

  6. Practice being happy. In the UK right now, there is huge move towards helping people become happier.  Happiness clubs are popping up all over the place and there’s even Happy Yoga, because thinking right now is that if you practice being happy it becomes a habit and you gradually become a happier person.  Happy people tend to be more confident and more appealing, so it’s well worth a go.

  7. Do something for others. Helping others is a great way to feel good about yourself again.  If you’re feeling low and lacking in self-confidence, get out and volunteer, either on an official basis or simply do something for a neighbour in need.  You’ll soon find yourself feeling great about yourself.

  8. Do something for yourself. When we’re working all hours, we rarely have time to do things for ourselves, yet spend time dreaming about what we’ll do the day we do.  However, when that day comes, we often forget to take advantage of our situation.  Whether it’s just enjoying the scent of a freshly brewed coffee or feeling the sun on your face, take time to enjoy the moment.  The simplest things in life are often the things that help you boost your spirit most.

  9. Set goals and achieve them. Professional lives are full of targets, goals and objectives.  When you’re made redundant, you can find yourself like a rudderless boat if you don’t have goals.  Make goals, no matter how trivial they may seem and make sure you achieve them.  Writing them down and saying them out loud will make you more likely to succeed – so go the extra mile. 

  10. Nudge. The People Analytics team at Google is about to launch a book about nudging.  In their case they nudged people towards eating more healthily, but at AviationMatch, we suspect the Google Nudging principle could apply to a whole host of things in life.  For example, if you haven’t exercised in years, there’s little point in planning to run a marathon next month, but you can nudge yourself to a fitter, healthier you.  Nudging your way to where you want to be at the end of your redundancy period seems like a great strategy to us.

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