Building Rapport With An Aviation Employer

Published: 11 Jul 2016

building rapport with aviation employers

We all know how crucial the interview stage is in any employment process, but do we know exactly how to make the most of the time you have sat in front of your potential aviation employer? 

This is your chance to allow your personality shine through and establish a relationship with your interviewer. It is important to let anything you've said on your application come across in person. For example, if you said you had an outgoing personality, then this must show at the interview in some form 

Keep eye contact and look interested in what the aviation employer is saying. When your potential new manager is speaking to you, you have to at least look slightly interested in what they have to say. Keeping eye contact will show you are engaged and listening. It is even better if you come back with an appropriate response. You can only do this if you are listening! Verbal nods are good to show you are interested. 

Ask questions. This will show you have understood what the have said and you are interested to know more. Often, at the end of an interview, they will ask if you have any questions, you MUST ask something here. Good examples may be, for cabin crew roles, how often in advance will you receive your roster? Think of any aviation job related question you can at this point as it will be your last chance to speak face to face with the aviation employer before they decide if you are suited to the aviation role. 

Do your homework. By this I mean, do research on the company or airline and even the person employing you. This way you will definitely think of questions to ask. When doing your company research, look on the company’s news section of their website. This way you can see the latest news and events that have taken place. They may also post awards or recognition they have received which is always something good to comment on if need be. It would be even more impressive if you were to do some research your employer. The way to do it is through LinkedIn. Aviation is huge on LinkedIn. If you know the name of the person interviewing you, you can almost certainly find their LinkedIn profile. From LinkedIn you can usually find out about a person’s work history, possibly some personal interests. If you have anything in common with them, why not bring it up? This will show you are willing to make that extra effort and ultimately could sway the employer’s decision in your favour. 

Most importantly, be yourself! There’s no point interviewing for a cabin crew job and being over enthusiastic and say you love working with the public etc and then turning up to your shift with a negative attitude and being rude to customers. You have to be honest with yourself. If you don't think you could handle the early mornings and late nights and still keep up a positive and helpful attitude then don't apply for the job, or say that the interview. It is so important to remember why you are applying for the role. What attracted you to it? Was it the opportunity to travel? Was it the impressive salary/benefits? Tell the aviation employer. They will appreciate the honesty, but make sure to remember to add in about your relevant experience for the role and how these experiences made you feel. 

Building rapport with someone, especially an employer, will make you more memorable to them. There will be more chance of being invited back for a second interview, or even being offered the job. So, it is vital that you allow your personality to come across when interviewing for jobs in aviation. LinkedIn should be your best friend when doing your company research. It is such a useful tool to find out more about who you are going to have to impress to get your dream aviation job. 

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