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There’s any number of reasons why you might be looking to change career.  It may well be that you’re someone who gets bored easily and feel that now is the right time to move on.  Alternatively, you may have been pushed thanks to an unexpected redundancy from a career where there isn’t great potential for getting another job, or you might simply fancy a stint in the aviation industry.  No matter what job you’re doing right now, if you’re interested in transferring to a new career in the aviation industry, you’re likely to be trying to work out how to make yourself as attractive as possible to aviation employers.  If that’s the case, hopefully you’ll find this blog post useful.

If you’re serious about a new career in the aviation industry, then it’s important to:

  • Be realistic

  • Identify your transferrable skills

  • Do what you can to demonstrate the right training and education

  • Mix in the right circles

  • Market yourself well

  • Prepare to be flexible

Be realistic

If you are currently a supervisor in a school canteen, there’s little point in looking to transfer to become a pilot (unless of course you already have your pilot license).  However, there are plenty of other aviation jobs where it could make good sense for you to apply.  Looking out for appropriate career options that will allow you to get a foot on the aviation career ladder isn’t only a common sense way to go, it’s also a great way to make your mark and start your progression towards where you ultimately want to be.

Transferrable skills

In most career change situations there are likely to be skills that you already have that will stand you in good stead when it comes to bagging the dream job you want in the aviation industry.  It is essential that you identify those skills and apply them to your new job situation.  Things like being a good team player, an excellent leader or an exemplary communicator are good starting points.

Training and education

When it comes to training and education gaps, there are two ways to solve this problem.  The first is to fund courses yourself and the second is to investigate the opportunities of your existing employer offering you the opportunity to train in their time and using their budget.  So long as the gaps you are looking to close are of value to your existing employer (even in the short to medium term), there is no reason why he or she won’t take your request for training seriously.  In the event of you having to fund training on your own, it’s worth exploring the opportunity of grants or aids that might be available to you.

Mix in the right circles

Like many things in life, bagging the job of your dreams can often be as much a result of circumstance and good luck as of hard work (that said hard work normally plays a bit part too).  With this in mind, it’s worth thinking about WHO you know as well as WHAT you know.  Using the social media to get yourself noticed in aviation circles is a good idea and will help you make valuable connections.

Market yourself well

Like business owners who put huge efforts into marketing their products and services, to secure yourself a career change, you need to market yourself in the best possible way.  As an absolute minimum, you need to get your CV and your covering letter spot on.  You can find our more about creating a great aviation CV here, and here you’ll get some great tips on making sure your covering letter ticks all the boxes.

Prepare to be flexible

It may be that you’ve got your sights set on a specific aviation job, but if you’re changing career, there is normally a real need for a bit of flexibility.  Being flexible means that’ll you’ll stand a better chance of getting yourself into the industry quicker so you can start to work your way up to your dream job.

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