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What to include in my aviation CV

Irrespective of whether you are hoping to bag the aircraft engineering job of your dreams in the middle east, an aviation maintenance job in the UK or any other aviation job throughout Europe, you’d do well to make sure that your CV is as good as it possibly can get. 

When you’re applying for jobs in aviation, one of the first things your prospective employer will come across is your CV.  So, if that pilot job with the superb salary you’ve been dreaming of is on your horizon, take some time out to read this article on what we believe to be the 7 critical things to include in your aviation CV:

A show stopping aviation Personal Statement. 

Your Personal Statement should appear ‘above the fold’ on your CV.  Above the fold means that it should appear on the top half of the page, so that it can be seen on a screen without scrolling and is the first thing that prospective employers see if they are looking at a printed version of your CV.  Above the fold is a term borrowed from the newspaper industry and is the part of the paper that is reserved for the most eye-grabbing headline – and is the biggest trick for selling most papers!  So, in short, you need to use this prime real estate on your aviation CV to sell yourself to the max.  ​

An impressive list of your aviation achievements.

Once again this list should start above the fold.  Your achievements can be as diverse as you want them to be, but make them relevant by tying them into the aviation job vacancy you’re applying for.  For example, if you’re applying for an aviation engineering job in the UAE, it mightn’t seem relevant that you took a gap year when you left university.  But when you think about it, it could reassure an employer that you can deal with being away from home, which is a common attribute that comes with many aviation jobs.  So, if you’re short of achievements that you can put facts and figures beside, get a bit creative and think about the experiences you've had that might be relevant to your aviation career.  

Your aviation employment history. 

Your employment history is an important part of any CV, no matter whether you’re applying for pilot jobs, aviation engineering jobs, ground staff vacancies or any other aviation careers, but keep this part of your CV short and relevant.  While you need to show in this part of your CV that you have had a selection of relevant experience, there is no place on this important document for War and Peace regarding every job you’ve ever had.  So work through what’s important for each role and only note that.  

Your aviation qualifications and skills. 

Your qualifications and skills mightn’t necessarily be what makes you the most outstanding candidate for a job vacancy, but they still play a very important in your CV.  Normally the basis of any selection process, knowing that you are qualified to do the job in hand and have the necessary skills are the first things a prospective aviation employer will check.  Presenting your qualifications and skills after your employment history is normally the best option, but you can of course mention any exceptional or outstanding qualifications or skills in your Personal Statement or list of achievements if you think they will be show stoppers.

Your personality. 

While it’s rarely appropriate to be over the top humorous or outrageous in a CV, there is still scope to show your personality.  Make it your goal to let your personality shine through in an appropriate way and you shouldn’t go wrong.


In this day and age, it’s not always human beings that review CVs during the first part of any aviation job selection process.  There are plenty of aviation companies today that will make the first part of their selection process based on a keyword search, so it’s essential that you include all the relevant keywords in your CV in order to get past this first hurdle.  If you’re in doubt about the relevant keywords, then what you should do is check, check and double-check the vacancy notice and pick out what you believe to be the appropriate keywords and make sure they feature in your CV.

Your personal interests.  While your personal interests are unlikely to bag you the aviation job of your dreams, it’s important to show your human side in any CV.  The more you can associate your personal interests with the interests of the employer you’re applying to, the more likely you are to tweak their interest in you.

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