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Summer time is here and it’s time to be thinking about holidays, barbecues and lazy days at the beach.  Or is that really what you should be thinking about right now?  If you’re keen to bag the aviation job of your dreams, summer time is a good time to do it if you get off your marks. 

In this blog post we’ll share with you what you should be doing right now to make sure you get that aviation job you’re after and get it quickly!

  • Get job savvy

  • Define what you want

  • Identify your USPs

  • Make sure your CV is tip-top

  • Spruce up your covering letter

  • Sign up on aviation job sites and boards

  • Use the social media to your advantage

  • Get interview fit

Get job savvy

When it comes to finding the right aviation job, it’s a bit like shopping online; it pays to know what’s available on the market and the price and conditions that come with each package.  If it’s a while since you’ve job-hunted, it’s a great idea to do lots of research before defining what you want and what you expect.  It may be that salaries and packages are higher than you had previously expected, or you may be shocked at what’s available, so making sure you’re job savvy is a good way to help set out your stall.

Define what you want

Once you have the lay of the land in the aviation job world, you can start to narrow down what your dream job might look like.  It could be that flexible working is really important to you; or perhaps staying on home soil is your priority?  Either way, it’s important to establish your personal job “wish-list”.  That said, once you’ve done that, it pays to work out where you are prepared to compromise so you can work out how flexible you can be to speed up your success.

Identify your USPs

In the same way that businesses sell their wares on the basis of their Unique Selling Points (USPs), when you’re job hunting you need to do the same.  Identifying what makes you better than other candidates is a great place to start really promoting yourself and standing out from the crowd.  A USP might be that you gained a significantly above average qualification that’s highly sought after, or it could be a unique or unusual element of your work experience.  Either way, time spent identifying these things will pay big dividends when it comes to bagging your aviation job quickly.

Make sure your CV is tip-top

There’s no getting away from the fact that your CV is your best friend when it comes to quickly bagging the aviation job of your dreams.  Making sure your CV is tip-top and tightly tailored to the job description is one sure fire way of quickly establishing yourself as a credible and worthy-of-interview candidate.

Spruce up your covering letter

Not so very long ago, you could get away with a one-size-fits-all covering letter when you were job hunting.  This is no longer the case.  In today’s highly competitive job market, making sure your covering letter screams out “interview me – I’m the best candidate for the job” is essential. 

Sign up on aviation job sites and boards

When it comes to quickly securing your next aviation job, there’s no room for hiding your light under a bushel.  Make it your priority to upload your CV today to AviationMatch as well as any other aviation job websites or job boards you feel are right for you.  Only by promoting yourself to the world’s top airlines are you likely to get that next job quickly.

Use the social media to your advantage

If you’re not already using the social media to boost your aviation job chances you’re missing a trick.  Although you mightn’t see results immediately, being present on the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook can get you in front of the right people; give you the chance to show your hand and get your name known.

Get interview fit

If you’re impatiently waiting for your next aviation job, you can’t afford to mess up any interviews.  You need to be interview “fit” in every sense of the word.  Making sure you’re physically fit, in good shape and getting enough sleep are as important as making sure you’re mentally prepared for your interview.  So put the time in to prepare yourself and start today – you never know, your next interview could be tomorrow!

If you’re on the lookout for an aviation job, why not upload your CV today to get headhunted by top airlines and aviation companies as well as receiving job alerts that tell you when new jobs that match your criteria are posted on our site? 

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