Getting in shape for a new job

Published: 16 Feb 2015 By Suzie Larcombe

When people are job hunting they’re often doing so to escape a situation that no longer suits them.  It may well be that they’ve simply outgrown their job and need more of a challenge or it may be that they’re found themselves in a work situation that they can no longer tolerate.  Whether it’s feeling over-worked, over-stressed or simply under-appreciated, all of this has an impact on how we function and how we present ourselves. 

People at the end of the road in their current role very often find themselves tired and sluggish or in a negative mindset, due to excessive stress and lack of perspective.  This can seriously reduce your chances of bagging your dream job.  If you don’t take time to get in great shape for your new job you could find yourself failing at interviews, so pre-interview is the time to get yourself in great shape mentally and physically.

While we’re not suggesting that anyone should feel under pressure to run marathons or crash diet prior to an interview, there are certainly things you can do to get yourself into a winning frame of mind. 

Here are just some of the things that can turn things around:

  1. List your strengths and successes. Sometimes when work is getting us down we start to feel like a failure.  If it seems like a lifetime since someone reminded you how good you are at your job, take time out to remind yourself about your strengths and successes.  You’ll need to do this anyway for your CV, but take time to relive the moments when your career was on a high and remember how they made you feel.  And don’t forget, you can live those times again if you get in the right shape to bag yourself a new job.

  2. Make an action plan for yourself. If things are getting you down or you know you’re not looking after yourself properly, make an action plan and stick with it.  Goals that you set, like taking some regular exercise; making sure you sort out poor sleep patterns or eating well are more likely to be met if you write them down.  If you have a partner that you’re prepared to share them with, even better because goals said out loud are even more likely to be achieved than written down.

  3. Don’t forget to be thankful for what you’ve got. With the exception of people who are really down on their luck, most of us have a whole lot to be grateful about.  Unfortunately, our day-to-day lives are so busy, and we’re often under so much pressure to constantly achieve more that we forget to take time to be grateful for what we’ve got.  Gratitude is big in happiness news right now and it is reported that taking a small amount of time out every day to be grateful for what you have can have a major impact on how happy and satisfied you are with your lot. 

  4. Make a decision to be happy. More and more people are suggesting that happiness or unhappiness is a choice that we make, not something that’s forced on us.  In our view, this has real credibility, because you only need to look around the world to find people who have next to nothing but are happy.  Choosing happiness is something we at AviationMatch make a point of doing and would strongly recommend it to anyone.

  5. Shift to a positive gear. Thinking positive thoughts affect your mood and your optimism, but unfortunately we often focus on the negative.  Making a conscious effort to look at the positive aspects of every day; past, present or future is like a fitness regime and very soon becomes a habit (and a very good one at that).

  6. Enjoy your experiences. We often find our days so busy that we forget to notice simple pleasures that surround us.  It might be as simple as the aroma of a particularly good coffee or a song played on the radio while you’re driving to a meeting; but missing out on that enjoyment is seriously missing out!  Take time to look around you for even the smallest things that could give you pleasure or make you smile and make the most of them.

  7. Banish problems. Seriously focused and successful people don’t talk about problems; they talk about opportunities.  If you can make even a small step towards banishing problems from your thoughts, you’ll be a much stronger job candidate as well as a happier one.

  8. Avoid negative people if you can. This one’s simple.  Negativity is catching, so seek out glass half full people rather than spending too much time with glass half empty people.

  9. Get outside. Fresh air and natural light are essential for your wellbeing.  Even if you’re not someone who has any desire to jog, run or cycle, even a brisk walk that fills your lungs with oxygen will help get everything back into perspective and will have a positive effect on your body.

  10. Eat well. In the same way that you wouldn’t put ‘dirty’ fuel in your car, you need to make sure that the fuel that you put in your body is the finest possible.  There are plenty of messages about eating your 5 a day and if this is a step too far, even 3 is better than none.  If you’re feeling sluggish or negative at certain times of day, take a look at what you’ve eaten (or haven’t) and see if there’s a correlation.  Make today the day that you take an honest and unbiased look at what you really eat and drink.

Job candidates come in all shapes and sizes, that’s a given, but a candidate with a healthy mind and a great attitude shines out from any crowd.  If any of these points strike a chord with you, you owe it to yourself to get in shape for your new job.

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