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Using AviationMatch is a great way to get yourself in front of the world’s leading aviation companies and the best new of all is that it’s free and easy to use.  And what’s more, in order to help you make sure that your chances of bagging yourself your dream aviation job are maximised to the hilt, we’ve put together this Top Ten Tips article.  We hope you’ll find it useful!

  1. Make sure your CV is as good as it can be. On our blog, you’ll find lots of top tips on how to write a winning CV, but the key thing is that the CV you publish on AviationMatch is as focused and as strong as it can be.  Try to tailor your CV to the pain or problem suffered by the type of company you want to employ you.  Showing that your skills and experience will fit perfectly into a gap that they’re facing will help make you a more credible and more successful candidate.

  2. Create a killer Personal Summary. You should think of your Personal Summary on AviationMatch a bit like your shop window to the world.  Your Personal Summary should be an excellently written summary of your major strengths and experiences and should be keyword rich, but not written purely for the search engines.  This is your opportunity to really stand out, so even though it’s short; give it all you’ve got.

  3. Get in early. Once you’ve set up your AviationMatch profile, make sure you sign up to as many job alerts as is appropriate for your search.  Widening the net not only means more opportunities, it means you’ll get more chances to get your name in front of the key aviation companies.

  4. Open up who can view your profile. Making sure the right aviation players can see your profile is essential if you’re keen to be head-hunted.  Excluding potential sensitivity issues with your current employer, there’s nothing to be gained by hiding your light under a bushel when it comes to bagging your dream job.

  5. Identify your USPs and publicise them at every opportunity. When it comes to packaging yourself as the very best candidate a prospective employer could find, it’s a case of thinking about yourself like a product or a service.  In the same way that businesses invest in marketing their wares, you need to do the same.  Your Unique Selling Points (USPs) are what make you stand out from the crowd and should be presented to prospective employers at every opportunity in such a way that you leave them thinking that they can barely live without you.

  6. Identify a pain and soothe it. Employers recruit in order to satisfy a need or to soothe a business pain or problem.  Showing that you understand their pains or problems demonstrates that you’re probably a great person to help solve them.  By doing this well, you will stand head and shoulders above candidates who fail to demonstrate compassion for the challenges employers face.

  7. Get yourself a covering letter that sings. When you do apply for a position, don’t forget to tailor your CV to the specific vacancy and to invest the time necessary to create a covering letter that “sings”.  You’ll get some great ideas about covering letters here.

  8. Promote your profile on the social media. Once you have a great Personal Summary on AviationMatch, go a step further and promote it on the social media.  Social media sites such as LinkedIn are great ways of adding extra power to your job hunting elbow as well as a cool way to network with movers and shakers in the aviation industry.

  9. Use your contacts. When it comes to job hunting, it’s often a case of getting who you know helping you to open doors.  The folk at AviationMatch are great people to know and spreading your reach into the likes of the social media as well as face-to-face contacts is the perfect way to help you get a leg up the ladder.

  10. Stay focused. Finally and most importantly, even with AviationMatch on your side, job hunting can be a lengthy process, so when the going gets tough, make sure you’re the one who keeps going!

If you’re on the lookout for an aviation job, why not upload your CV today to get headhunted by top airlines and aviation companies as well as receiving job alerts that tell you when new jobs that match your criteria are posted on our site? 

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