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Published: 11 Aug 2016 By Suzie Larcombe

Get in front of the world’s largest airlines and aviation experts

If you’re on the lookout for a job in the aviation industry, you’re in the right place.  At AviationMatch we’ll help you get in front of the world’s largest airlines and aviation experts who are looking for people like you. With ever-changing global vacancies, up until now, you’ve probably found it a struggle staying in touch with which jobs are new and which you’ve already looked at. 

AviationMatch is your one-stop-shop for hot jobs in the aviation industry.  With live updates throughout the day and night you can be sure that once you’ve loaded your details on our site that you’ll be seen by the key players in the aviation industry.  And the good news is, getting started on AviationMatch couldn’t be simpler.

You’re only 5 minutes away from a bright new future

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account by clicking on the prompt on our Home Page

  2. Once you’ve received your confirmation email, go to the site to create your Personal Job Seekers Profile.  This will lead you through all the steps you need to set up your very own, bespoke aviation job search profile complete with CV that’ll show up on our site so it can be seen by aviation employers, letting them headhunt you to fill their vacancy.

  3. When you’ve gone through the initial steps, don’t forget to sign up to receive Job Alerts by email, so you can be first to respond to vacancies as they come along.

You’ll get full instructions for opening your account, creating your profile and uploading your CV here.

Get your Personal Summary spot-on

When you’re creating your profile, remember that you need to present yourself in the best possible light so you will stand out and get noticed by employers.  Here are our Top Tips for making sure your Personal Summary is the one that recruiters will notice:

  1. Identify and describe your 3 major strengths or characteristics.

  2. Mention key achievements in your career or life to date that make you stand out in a crowd.

  3. Include keywords that will help you get found in searches.

  4. Be wary of using buzzwords because employers are getting a bit fed up of hearing them (find out why…).

    Invest in your CV

    When you’ve dazzled prospective employers with your Personal Summary, they’ll want to dig deeper and look at your CV, so it’s essential that you make sure it doesn’t let you down.  Investing in your CV will pay huge dividends and isn’t something you should skimp on.  You can read our Top Tips for Writing Winning Aviation Industry CVs here.  If you haven’t read this blog post yet, make sure you do it today.  It’ll help you get your CV spot-on, to really improve your chances of being headhunted by these industry stars.

    Stay on top of your job alerts

    AviationMatch allows you to set up an email alert so you’re always at the front of the queue when it comes to seizing new job opportunities as they come along.  Like most things in life, if you’re serious about finding a new job, you need to be committed and make the effort.  One of the best ways of achieving your objective is to set aside some time every day, or at least every couple of days at the start, so you can make sure you explore every opportunity as it comes along.  Waiting a couple of days too long could be the difference between securing your new dream job and being pipped at the post; so make sure that you give yourself the chance you deserve by acting on every job alert that fits your needs and tickles your fancy.

Take action today

If you’re on the lookout for an aviation job, why not upload your CV today to get headhunted by top airlines and aviation companies as well as receiving job alerts that tell you when new jobs that match your criteria are posted on our site? 

In order to stay up to date with what’s happening at AviationMatch, why not follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or save this page as a favourite so you can keep your finger firmly on the pulse of what’s happening on the aviation job front?

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