How getting fit could seriously help swing your new aviation job

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It might sound like a really odd thing to say, but if you’re out of shape, then getting fit could be the boost you need to help you bag the aviation job you’ve been searching for.  Ask anyone who’s feeling like a bit of a couch potato if they have a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ attitude and the vast majority are likely to respond by the latter.  And we all know that to get through the challenge of aviation job hunting you’re much better off with a ‘glass half full’ attitude.

Don’t get us wrong here, we’re not suggesting that you need to start doing Davina McCall or David Walliams type Sport Relief challenges or commit to running a marathon to up your chances.  What we’re on about is how getting your blood pumping on a regular basis (with all the necessary medical approval of course) can really help you stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Sport is a great way to get your body into shape, but it also pays huge dividends in terms of getting your mind-set right too.  Here are just 10 things that getting fit will do to help swing your new aviation job:

  1. Give your confidence a real boost. Confidence shows, and there are few things more appealing at interview than real, natural confidence.  Getting fit won’t only make your body appear more confident by improving your stance and strength; internally, it’ll give you the vigour of mind and spirit that you need to confidently demonstrate that you can deal with whatever any prospective employer wants to throw at you.

  2. Increase your energy levels. Job searching can be a relentless process and if you’re working flat out in your current job can sometimes seem like a step too far, particularly if you’re running on empty.  People who exercise benefit from a regular boost of endorphins that boost energy and vitality as well as making you feel good.  This energy boost will help you find the motivation to keep going when the going gets tough.

  3. Help you stay on track. If you have a fitness goal that you’re disciplined enough to stick to, you’ll find that your ability to focus and really concentrate on other aspects of your life increases too.  Without needing to become single-minded about your objectives, getting fit can help you really keep your aviation job goals in firm focus.

  4. Stimulate your stamina. Job hunting is normally more of a marathon than a sprint and as any marathon runner will tell you, that task calls for real stamina.  Staying with your desire to get fit will help you in your need to see through your determination to track down the right job. 

  5. Let you get to know yourself better. Time spent doing sport, whether it’s a solo sport or a team sport is always a rewarding and interesting process.  No matter whether you use your time alone doing sport to sort out the problems of the day or you choose to let off steam in a team, you’ll get to know a whole lot about yourself that’ll stand you in good stead in both your job search process and your new job.

  6. Reduce stress. Exercise has been shown to be a really effective stress-buster.  While job searching needn’t be overly stressful per se, during the process there are likely to be times when you’re stressed about forthcoming interviews or because of rejection.  Either way, getting your body moving on a regular basis produces endorphins that act as natural painkillers and help you sleep better, which in turn helps reduce stress.

  7. Demonstrate self-control. Someone who’s in good shape typically sends stronger messages of self-control than someone who is very clearly out of shape.  Again, we’re not talking iron-man fitness levels here, we’re simply referring to the perception that people who exude energy and fitness appear to be more in control of their lives, which is an important decision-making factor for prospective employers.

  8. Make you more objective. Taking time out of your busy life for yourself to do a bit of sport will help you develop a more objective view on the things that are happening around you.  This is particularly useful when you’re on the interview circuit because you’ll need to think on your feet and give an objective viewpoint.

  9. Make you more positive. The sum of all the benefits of exercise is that you’ll present yourself as a more positive person and again this is highly appealing to employers.

  10. Give you a really appealing glow. And if all of that isn’t enough, it’ll make you look good to boot!

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