How much does an Air Traffic Controller earn?

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We receive many questions relating to Air Traffic Controller salary and benefits so here is some basic information on Air Traffic Control wages in the United Kingdom.

Trainee Air Traffic Controller Information

As a trainee Air Traffic Controller you will generally start on a salary of around £12,000 along with an attractive package of benefits including the following;

  • Contributory Pension Scheme
  • Annual Leave
  • Other Voluntary benefits
  • Expenses

After you complete the college based training, you will be placed at an ATC Unit for additonal training, here your salary will increase to something in the region of between £17,000 to £20,000 depending on the location where you are posted.

Qualified Air Traffic Controller

Once you are qualifed and passed all your college unit training your salary will be in the region of £32,000 to £36,000, again depending on location.

After three years and subject to validation your salary will rise to £46,000 to £51,500 plus shift pay of £5500. With annual incrimentsm you copuld potentially earn over £100,000.

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