How to really stand out in the aviation candidate crowd

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No matter which part of the aviation industry you’re job hunting in, one thing you can be sure about is that competition will be fierce.  When you’re on the lookout for a new job, it may well be that you start your search with all guns blazing, but rejection hurts and after a few knock-backs it can be hard to pick yourself up and soldier on. 

So what can you do to protect yourself against rejection in the first place?  While no one is 100% suited to every job they go after, there are some basic things that you can do to really stand out in the aviation candidate crowd and increase your chances of bagging your dream job.  In this post we’ll share a few of them with you.

Put yourself in the employer’s position

Marketing yourself for a job calls for exactly the same amount of consideration and preparation that any business invests when they’re marketing their products or services.  When businesses go to the market, the spend fortunes understanding what their target market’s pains or problems are, and then they hone their product or service to perfectly soothe those pains or solve those problems.  As a job candidate you need to do the same.

When you see a job description that catches your eye, rather than simply recycle the CV and covering letter you used for the last vacancy you applied for, take time to have a good think about what the employer is really looking for.  You will get most of this information from the job description, but taking time to research the company will give you a deeper and more thorough understanding of why they are recruiting and more unique things to add to your application.  Going the extra mile will help you tailor your application much more successfully, which will give you a greater chance of standing out in the candidate crowd.

Identify and match your strengths and skills

Like any proposition, when it comes to marketing your product (ie. you), you need to really know the precise features and benefits that you will bring as a candidate.  The time you spend very specifically identifying your strengths and skills will be time very well spent.  That said, the thing that will help you stand out from other candidates is how cleverly you match those strengths and skills to the job requirements and the prospective employer’s unique situation.  Investing time on this task will certainly pay dividends; so don’t skimp on this one.

Make sure your CV is as appealing as it can be

Once you’ve identified your strengths and skills and have tailored them to your prospective employers pain or problem, you need to make sure you express this heavenly match as clearly as possible in your CV.  You can read our Top Tips on CV writing here, but as an absolute minimum, give yourself a real chance of standing out by carefully tailoring your CV to every job you apply for. 

Don’t skimp on the time you spend on your covering letter

In some instances your covering letter will be the only thing that your potential employer reads, so it needs to be as good as it possibly can be.  There’s a post on our blog about How to Write a Great Covering Letter and you can find it here, but in the meantime, suffice to say that you need to invest the time required to get the three top reasons why you’re the best person for the job in the opening paragraph and close with confidence.

Get yourself in shape

People who feel good about themselves inside and out ooze confidence and positivity, so getting yourself in good shape for an interview is a great way to get yourself noticed.  We’re not talking running marathons or crash dieting here, we’re on about getting your mindset positive and making sure you’re feeling great about yourself.  You can find our top tips for this here.

If you’re called to interview, make sure you’re prepared

The secret to any great performance is preparation.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympic athlete or an aviation industry job candidate, what you do ahead of your performance will raise the bar on the day.  Preparing for an interview is an essential part of your success story and the time you invest will shine through, enabling you to really stand out from the crowd.

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