How to use LinkedIn to support your aviation job search

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LinkedIn Job Searching

LinkedIn is a great way to boost your job search efforts in any part of the aviation industry.  Shunned by many as an unnatural networking activity, LinkedIn is arguably the most suitable social media site to add power to your job hunting elbow.  However, in order to take advantage of the opportunities that this site could bring you, you need to plan your attack with military precision.  In this blog post we’d like to share a workable LinkedIn strategy with you so that you can position yourself perfectly for your dream aviation job.

Identify what your dream employer is likely to be looking for

In order to present yourself as the perfect solution on LinkedIn, you need to make some assumptions about what your dream employer might be looking for.  In order to do this, take time to do some detective work on job descriptions that catch your eye so you can identify the skills and characteristics your prospective employer would be sniffing out if they were looking to recruit someone for your dream job.  Once you’ve identified this information, you’ll be well positioned to present yourself in the best possible light to get their attention.

Decide what you want to include in your profile

When you’ve defined exactly what your prospective future employer is likely to look for, take time to match your skills with their needs.  Don’t forget to include keywords, because it’s those that’ll bring you out in LinkedIn searches so dream employers can find you.  It’s also important not to forget to highlight past results and where possible include financial or experiential evidence to back your claims.  Include achievements from previous roles and encourage your contacts to endorse you. 

Create a great profile

A great profile is what will really get you noticed on LinkedIn.  If you can write your own, that’s great, but if you’re struggling; get help from a professional profile writer. 

If you’re going to write your own profile, make sure you invest the time that this important task requires.  There is tons of help on the LinkedIn website about writing winning profiles, but here are some of the basic things to think about:

  • Get a custom URL – this will make it easier to promote your profile.

  • Write a winning headline – use this to showcase your USPs.

  • Avoid clichés – clichés never sell – avoid them at all costs.

  • Get creative – take time to make your profile really appealing.

  • Make it complete – make sure you have used all the space available to you.  With LinkedIn, less is rarely more.

  • Add a great photo – make sure your photo fits the nature of job you’re looking for – if needs be invest in a professional photo.

Create your network

While the goal on LinkedIn for many people is to simply aim for high numbers of contacts, in some ways it’s better to have a smaller number of quality connections than a huge number of unrelated or irrelevant contacts.  While you should aim for a good number of connections to be credible, it’s important to be selective. 

Follow the right companies

Groups are a great way to sniff out prospective employers on LinkedIn, so once you have your profile complete and polished up, spend your time sniffing out groups you could join.  At the start simply listen to what’s being said in the group and when the time is right interact and keep your ear to the ground.

If you have a LinkedIn profile that you suspect could be standing in your way in your job search, make today the day that you take action.   If you don’t yet have a profile, make this the day that you set a date for completing the task.  This is essential because, like it or not, prospective employers will Google you and LinkedIn is a great way to reinforce your claims, your CV and your covering letter.

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