Is aviation employer medical insurance of value to you?

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Private medical insurance is a controversial subject.  Some people are completely for it and some think it makes for a split society.  While at AviationMatch, we don’t have a particularly strong view either way, there’s no getting away from the fact that some employers include private medical insurance as part of their overall benefits package.  So, before you dismiss a job because you’re a tad disappointed at the basic salary, remember to look beyond the numbers so you can weight up the value of the other benefits on offer.

If employer’s private medical insurance is on offer, how do you work out whether or not it will add value to you?  Clearly if you are someone who objects to the whole notion of private medical insurance and you know you’ll never use it, it will provide you no good whatsoever.  On the other hand if you are cool with the notion of private medical insurance and intend to take advantage of the benefit your potential employer is offering, then it’s a case of weighing up how valuable it is to you.

It’s clear that employee provided medical cover, even allowing for the effect of Benefit In Kind taxes, will cost you less than it will if you decide to buy a private medical insurance insurance yourself.  The reason for this is because most employers buy group policies and as a result gain access to lower premiums than you would as an individual.   Here are just some of the things you can expect to benefit from if you are offered employer medical insurance:

  1. A short route to treatment.One thing that the NHS is regularly criticised for is its waiting lists.  When you have private medical cover, you generally get treatment as soon as you need it and on your terms.

  2. Choice of hospital and consultant.With most private medical insurance policies you can choose where you get treatment and who treats you, unlike the NHS, where you will be told where your treatment will take place and not always who will carry out the treatment.

  3. Privacy. Although many NHS hospitals have private or twin rooms now, you’re guaranteed a private room in a private hospital.

  4. Quality, continuous insurance.Generally speaking, in private hospitals, you’ll get your treatment from the same person or at least the same team from beginning to end.  It may also be the case that the insurer has access to specialist teams who can treat specific conditions when needed.

So, when it comes to weighing up whether or not aviation employer private medical insurance is worthwhile to you, it’s only you can decide.  However it’s certainly not something to dismiss out of hand, particularly if you have a partner and kids and they’re offering to cover the whole family!

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