Is your thinking style holding you back?

Published: 29 Oct 2015 By Suzie Larcombe

You only need to look at Olympic athletes or international sports people to see the close relationship between how we think and how we behave.  Mind over matter some like to call it.  In the last 30 or 40 years it has become a recognised fact that with the right thought process, most of us can pretty much achieve anything we want to. 

In order to illustrate, at a very simple level, if you wake up on your aviation interview day and think “I’m going to do a bad interview today”, then the likelihood is that you’ll be significantly more timid about selling yourself than you would if your train of thought was more “I’m going to play a blinder today”.

In reality, this means is that with the right preparation you can think yourself into a better place for your aviation interview.  Training yourself to think positively might come about through keeping a gratitude journal or prompting yourself each time you’re tempted to look at the half empty glass, to envisage it half full.  No matter how you go about adopting a positive mindset, it is a skill that will change your life forever, not just help you swing your aviation interview; so it’s well worth investing in.

Having a positive mindset is made easier by embracing some of these very simple techniques:

  • Making sure you get enough sleep.  Thinking positively while under pressure is tough.  Add tiredness to the equation and it can become too tough a call for even the most determined of candidates.  Even if you have difficulty sleeping the night before an interview, at least make sure you are well rested.

  • Eating well.  Putting the wrong fuel in a car is disastrous and the same goes for us humans.  Most of us know the foods that our bodies respond well to and those that throw us out of kilter.  Eating well for a few days before an important aviation interview will stand you in good stead for getting the result you want.

  • Exercising.  On the AviationMatch blog we often write about the importance of exercise.  It’s important to stress again that we’re not on about suddenly deciding to run a marathon because you want to change job.  No, what we’re on about is getting a healthy amount of oxygen pumping round your body on a regular basis and taking time out of your busy life to get your stress into perspective.  Even a 30-minute, brisk walk 3 or 4 times a week will help you feel better about yourself and get your thoughts running on positive.

  • Being prepared.  Having a positive mind when unprepared is a lot to ask, so making sure you put in the time to prepare for your interview will pay real dividends on the day.

  • Visualisation.  Visualisation is a great training technique and involves focusing your attention on imagining what you will see, hear and feel in a specific situation.  Commonly used by athletes and performers in all walks of life, visualisation can strongly affect how you think and act once faced with a real situation.

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