It’s not spring but is it time to spring-clean your aviation CV?

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If you’ve been aviation job hunting for a while and not achieving success, today’s a good day to ask yourself why that might be the case.  There are various reasons why you mightn’t be getting out of the blocks with prospective aviation employers, but one of the biggest causes most candidates find is that their CV could do with a bit of a spring clean. 

Even though it’s not spring, if you’re not getting to where you want to be on your aviation job search here are just 10 things you should be doing to give your CV a fresh and interesting look:

  1. Look at how long it is. The ideal length of any CV, no matter what age you are or how much experience you’ve got is 2 sides of A4.  If your CV is longer than this, then you need to take an axe to it and tighten up your text.

  2. Get your USPs above the fold. Your USPs are what make you a unique and interesting candidate for the job you’re after.  While your qualifications, experience and achievements won’t change from one job you apply for to another, the way you describe them probably should.  If you’re not sure about the 3 key things that make you the best candidate for any job you’re applying for, you should stop and think again before submitting your CV.

  3. Justify your claims. Whenever you make a claim to be anything, you should aim to justify that claim with a fact.  It may be that you claim to be a good communicator, or an effective sales person, but whatever you say should be accompanied by a clear example of what gives you the right to make this claim.

  4. Identify gaps. If you’re applying for a job and are missing any of the key attributes that the aviation employer is looking for, get creative.  Don’t lie of course, but search around your private life for examples that will help plug the gap.  It may be that you’ve volunteered or are part of a club or a committee where you use or demonstrate the skills required.

  5. Get lots of white space. Even though getting a CV on 2 pages of A4 is a challenge, it’s no reason to use a tiny font and virtually exclude margins on the page.  You should be aiming to be economic with words and select vocabulary that has a big impact.  Aim to have plenty of white space on the page, so your CV looks clean and tidy.

  6. Make it look “the business”. No matter whether you’re emailing or posting your CV, you owe it to yourself to make sure it ‘looks the business’.  Making sure you use an attractive and easy to read font is a good start and if you have to print your CV, choosing a high quality paper will make all the difference.

  7. Make sure it’s relevant. A great way to trim down your CV is to go through it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that every word and every phrase is adding value.  If it’s not, it’s simple: get it out.

  8. Check that it speaks the right language. Jargon rarely implies a strong candidate, so check your CV for jargon and once again, remove it.

  9. Get shot of any spelling or grammar mistakes. A CV is no place for spelling or grammar mistakes so once again, invest the time you need to make sure it’s a spelling and grammar mistake-free zone.  If in doubt, seek out help.

  10. If you can’t achieve this alone – get an expert on board. There are plenty of people who really struggle to write about themselves, which is why a whole industry has been built up writing professional CVs.  It’s a process that needn’t cost a fortune, but if you hire someone to do it for you, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you get a quality result.

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