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Mindfulness or meditation is often shunned as being a bit of a hippy notion, but some of the most powerful leaders and business people in the world practice mindfulness to help them achieve their objectives.  A state that involves getting particularly conscious of the present, a state of mindfulness is said to bring calm and focus.  It’s for this reason that it’s well worth considering if you’re someone who finds yourself freaked out by nerves during aviation interviews.

Mindfulness is all about the here and now, about your mind and your body acting in perfect harmony to bring you a natural state of happiness and calm. It is a way of opening up an awareness to the great things around you and to raising your level of natural happiness.  And we all know that happy people are more attractive and more pleasant to be around than grumpy people, so there’s another good reason for thinking about giving it a go. 

While mindfulness is probably something you’ll want to learn from someone, there are various things you can do alone to raise your level of mindfulness.  Here are 5 major steps that Mindful, the organisation that works to make people more mindful suggests you take:

  1. Focus on breathing.  Mindful calls this phase ‘mindful breathing’ and encourages you to identify every breath that goes into your body and every breath that comes out.  They claim that simply recognising an in-breath and recognising an out-breath raises your mindfulness, enabling you to clear your mind of the other things that are racing through it.  Again, according to Mindful, the whole notion of being mindful of your breathing is being mindful of the miracle of life that we all have. 

  2. Concentrate. Step 2 of the mindful process is raising your level and quality of concentration.  When you focus your awareness on your breath, no matter how long or short it is, you create harmony and peace because you’re simply not able to worry about whether or not you’ll do well in your interview.

  3. Be aware of your body. The next step in the process is to become aware of your body.  Although body awareness sounds obvious, Mindful points out that it is actually very rare for people in this day and age to be fully aware of the miracle that is their body.  The more you perfect this part of your mindful process, the greater the quality of breathing and concentration will become.  The greater they become, the greater peace and harmony you’re likely to experience.
  4. Let go of tension. Once you reach the phase of being body-aware, Mindful points out that you’ll become more conscious of stress and tension in your body.  Their argument is that if your mind isn’t in the right place to release tension you can end up holding on to it for months or even years.  Going through these phases of mindfulness won’t only help you raise your game when it comes to interview, but it’ll also help you get the most out of every moment of every day. 

  5. Practice walking meditation.The final phase that Mindful describes in their process involves enjoying every breath you take and every step you make.  This phase sees people truly firing on all cylinders in everything they do.  It is this phase that is really interesting when it comes to interview strategy.

It seems completely reasonable that if you can make headway into becoming more mindful, then you’re highly likely to be a more attractive, more appealing and more successful interview candidate.  Someone who oozes calm, natural confidence and contentment is highly appealing; no matter whether you’re being recruited for a high-pressure job or being called on to resolve a hypothetical problem at a panel interview.  So, even if you think mindfulness isn’t for you, today might be the day to give it some thought!

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