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No matter whether you’re a student searching for your first job or someone who’s been in their job for a long spell and can’t wait to get out, it’s all too easy to become negative when you’re job hunting and undersell yourself.  News of hundreds (and in some cases even thousands) of applicants chasing each vacancy, followed by very few interviewees being called can weigh heavily when you’re in full flight in search of the aviation job of your dreams. 

Nevertheless, however tough the climate may or may not be; it’s no reason for you to feel down on yourself or to undersell yourself.  In fact, by thinking yourself into the right space, you really can reach for the stars. 

Here’s how:

  1. Be ambitiousThe easiest way to undersell yourself in the workplace is by putting your ambition to the side.  When you’re about to launch yourself into a job search, there’s no point in aiming for what you believe to be second best.  While there’s equally little to be gained in applying for jobs that you’re clearly not sufficiently qualified for or experienced to do, you should be aiming for the best job that you truthfully believe you are capable of doing.  In other words, aim high and push yourself to deliver.

  2. Don’t undersell yourselfIt sounds really obvious, but when you’re looking closely at your skills, characteristics and experience, there’s no point in hiding your light under a bushel.  What you need to do is work your socks off to identify WHY you’re the best person for the job and invest the time necessary to put all of that into phrases that will appeal to a potential employer and that also contain relevant keywords to please the search engines.

  3. Get your energy levels topped upThere’s no doubt that if you go into the job search process tired and down on yourself, the chances are you won’t get very far.  What you need to do is get yourself firing on all cylinders, full of energy and ready for the fight ahead.

  4. Get busyThis applies particularly if you’re currently “out of work”.  When you’re out of the workplace, the temptation is to think that you’ve got all the time in the world to do what you need to do to secure your dream aviation job.  So long as you’re busy and motivated this won’t be an issue, but for some people, having too much time on their hands means that they start to slow down.  It’s important to keep yourself busy.  At the end of the day, busy people tend to be much more effective and efficient than those who have too much time on their hands.

  5. Develop a glass half full viewpointFew things are more appealing in a candidate than positivity and optimism.  Whether you’re trying to get your foot on the ladder in the aviation industry or can’t wait for your step-up job to come along, it can sometimes seem easier to be down on everything rather than optimistic.  But reaching for the stars in your career calls for a good dose of optimism, so make sure you nurture your glass half full persona.

  6. Believe in yourself.   It sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying nonetheless.  If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s a tough call to persuade a potential employer to believe in you.  Even if you need to invest some time and do some soul-searching, getting to the point where you truly believe in your potential to achieve what you want is time well spent.

  7. Write down or say your goals out loudNo matter whether you’re planning to give up smoking, train for a marathon or reach for the stars when it comes to your next job, your goals are more likely to be achieved if you write them down or even better say them out loud to someone who’ll support and motivate you through the tough times.

  8. Get a coachIf you’re struggling with seeing the way ahead clearly, a life or career coach can be a great investment.  Someone who’ll work with you impartially to encourage you and to help you boost yourself when you need to, a coach can be a great asset to the job hunting process.

  9. Focus on your good bitsIf you’re feeling down about yourself at any point, focus on your achievements and your strong points.  Rejection is tough for anyone to take and can weigh heavily if you let it.  The important thing if you’re not getting to where you want to be is to consistently get back up when you take a knock; dust yourself down and re-kindle your flame of desire.

  10. Never give upHow many times in life have you heard people say that just as they were about to give up on an ambition, their dream came true?  While it’s easy to say, “Things like that don’t happen to me” you mustn’t…have faith and keep going – you’ll get there, we just know it!

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