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The last quarter of 2015 will soon be upon us.  Before we know it, it’ll be the countdown to Christmas then we’ll be seeing in the New Year.  Yes, it’s going to be 2016 before we know it. I don’t know about you, but the 31st December for me is always a mixed-bag of pride, delight, joy and a touch of disappointment.  Why?  Because it’s the day where I look back on the plans that I had for the year that has passed and make judgements on what I’ve achieved (and how successfully) as well as what I’ve failed to achieve.  It’s also the day when I set out my stall for the year ahead.

I don’t know about you, but in the last quarter of every year, I tend to have a rush to the finish line for some of the goals I’ve set myself in certain parts of my life.  I know that many job candidates are doing this right now and it’s for this reason that I wanted to publish this article now, to give you time to get your ducks in a row for the year end. 

Here are some of the thing’s I’d be doing if I wanted to make sure I was well on track for securing my aviation move before the end of 2015:

  • Getting tough with myself.  I don’t know about you, but I often find that the goals I haven’t met are those which frighten me just a tad; or the ones where I’m not entirely sure what I need to do to achieve them.  As a result, if one of my significant goals was to bag my dream aviation job before the end of the year, I’d be getting tough with myself to find out why I hadn’t achieved that goal already.  Here are the tough questions I’d be asking:

    • Do you really want to make a move or is your idea half-hearted? If you’re not sure that you want to leave your current job and start afresh, don’t beat yourself up by battling with the process. Put it aside for now and give your current job all you’ve got. You can always go back to it when the time is right.

    • If you are serious about your goal; work through this quick checklist

      • Are you signed up on all the job sites you should be?

      • Is your CV ticking all the right boxes?

      • Does your covering letter showcase you in your very best light?

      • Have you truly given any interviews you’ve had your all?

      • Are you helping your cause on the social media?

  • Being honest.  If you’ve answered “yes” to each of the points above and you’re still not getting close to securing your next aviation job, there could be something you’re not admitting to yourself.  Is there something that’s stopping you from achieving your goal or is it just a case that you’ve been up against tough competition and you’ve just lost out?  Sometimes if you truly feel as if you’re giving something your all and you’re still not getting there, an outsiders viewpoint can help.  While at the start of a job search a career coach or a life coach might seem like a luxury, if you’re truly lost as to why you’re not getting the jobs you’re applying for, it might be worth considering.  A coach will help you look at yourself with different eyes and will help you get your plan back on track.

  • Setting realistic but ambitious goals.  If you don’t feel as if you’ve been giving your job search everything you’ve got, then today’s the day to sit down and work out what you need to do.  If you need to cast your promotional net more widely, then aim to sign up with new job boards or sites daily over the next week for example.  If you feel as if you’ve been neglecting your job-related social media campaign, set aside 15 minutes each day to get back on track.  If your CV and covering letter are looking a bit dusty, set a date one evening this week or at the weekend to whip them into shape.

  • Taking action.  Once you’ve decided what needs to be done to help you achieve your objectives, make sure you do it.  Make yourself accountable and get tough with yourself and whatever you want can be yours.

Here’s to a very happy end to 2015 for your job search!

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