Should you do a video CV for your next aviation job application?

Published: 17 Jun 2016

Aviation Video CV

Video in general is on the rise and with this in mind, maybe it is a good idea to incorporate it into your aviation job search strategy. Cisco predicts that by 2017, video will dominate a massive 69% of consumer internet traffic. According to Ascend2, video marketing effectiveness increased by 87% for organisations in 2015. So the moral of the story is, for brands video works! So you might be thinking, how does this all apply to me getting my next aviation job? Well if you think about how consumers interest in video rather than text is growing then it is only logical to think that potential employers would rather be surprised by a video to watch which summarises you and why you are perfect for the job, rather than another black and white 2 page CV. 


It will make you more memorable. Employers get hit with 100’s of CV’s and it will be difficult for them to remember just one, but if you include a video with your CV then are more than likely going to remember you over other aviation candidates. It gives you the opportunity to allow your personality to come across and tell the employer more about you and what you can offer their company in the future. Paper CV’s need to be quite concise and to the point, video CV’s are more informative. They aren't going to replace the traditional white paper CV’s but they can only make your aviation job application better. 


So when is using a video CV a good idea in the aviation industry? 


For many roles in aviation, it is kind of essential that you have a good personality. Just one example is an air hostess. Being a flight attendant is a very customer facing role, so a video CV will give you the opportunity to show your personality to the employer. For being a member of cabin crew, there are certain criteria that you must meet in order to get the job before they've even looked at your application. For instance, you must be a certain height to be a flight attendant so if you included a video CV for a cabin crew job, then it may give the employer a better idea of whether you meet the right specification for the job physically.


For many aviation jobs, particularly in the aviation jobs in the UK, the employer wants people who can speak English well. By doing a video CV, you are getting the chance to show your potential employer how good your English is. On the other hand, you may be required to speak another language for example, Spanish. 


Where can I record my aviation video CV?


There are sites dedicated to helping people create compelling video CV’s. Meet the real me is just one and has been live since 2009 and has helped more than 10,000 candidates record their video CV. However, according to new statistics it is only on the last 18 months or so that video has become a popular way to attract employers. This is probably because it had become much easier for everyone to record video as they can now do it straight from their phone. Video has also become one of the strongest types of content online, particularly on social media. This is because it is something that people want to see, so one can only assume that employers are the same. 


How do I make my aviation video CV successful?


Humans are turning into goldfish! What I mean by this is, our attention spans have shortened drastically in recent years so don't make a 10 minute long video CV because the chances are it will never get watched until the end and if a person can talk about themselves for that long with no interruptions, do you really want them working for you?! It is advisable to keep your video CV down to between 1-3 minutes long. Introduce yourself clearly and say why you are right for the job. If you are applying for a job as cabin crew in the Middle-East for example, then tell the employer you love working with people and you have ambitions which involved travel. Let your personality come across. Be friendly and vary your tone as much as possible, but not too much. 


Why might an employer enjoy a video CV rather than a paper CV?


One of the main reasons is, it saves the employer time. If it is a very well known employer for example Emirates, then they will more than likely have thousands of applications for their aviation jobs. It would save a lot of time as this would give them the opportunity to decide if you were right for the job without having to meet you. 


Overall, a video CV can only make your application stronger if used properly. It will allow you to engage with your employer and stand out from the crowd, which is what everyone wants in the job search market. Aviation is a competitive industry and you sometimes need to think outside the box in certain roles. Sending a video CV along with your paper one will show the employer you are willing to take risks and open to challenging yourself. For more tips, head over to Mashable where there is a fantastic article on creating an impressive video CV.


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