Standing out at group aviation interviews

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A group aviation interview can be quite unnerving if you’re new to this way of being assessed for your job suitability.  An interview style where your prospective employer invites you and other candidates into a room to see who might suit them best, group interviews can be a challenge.  In fact, with everyone being assessed at the same time, this style of aviation interview can sometimes feel a bit like Sir Alan and his Apprentices! 

Standing out at a group aviation interview can be a real tightrope walk between putting yourself to the fore and being seen to facilitate and encourage others, so taking the right steps can be a tough call.  In this article, we want to share with you some Top Tips on how you can make sure you show yourself in your very best light at any group interview.

Top Tip 1:  Keep your emotions up your sleeve

When you walk into a group aviation interview, the chances are you might come up against an ex-colleague, a current colleague, someone you know or worse still, a rival.  Either way, no matter whether the sight of this person instils fear or rage in your body; keep it hidden.  It’s not a good look to seem overly interested in other candidates, especially if your underlying reason isn’t a particularly positive one!

Top Tip 2:  Be seen to be (appropriately) sociable

While everyone else at the interview is essentially competition for you, that’s not a good reason to ignore them or give them the cold shoulder.  It’s worth bearing in mind that your prospective employer might be watching you even before you enter the interview room.  It’s for this reason that it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to the other interviewees in the waiting area and be seen to make small chat.

Top Tip 3:  Let your personality shine through

No interview is the right place to be overly relaxed or too casual in your approach, but every interview is made better by letting your personality shine through.  In an aviation group interview setting, you’ll come face to face with a range of different people, so you will be able to show every side of your personality that you want to expose; don’t miss the opportunity.

Top Tip 4:  Facilitate

While it might be a tough thing to do, if you see that someone is being left out of the interview, make sure you’re the one to include them.  Contrary to popular belief, this action of being seen to include others is likely to win you brownie points, rather than reduce your chances of getting the job.  All of that said, you don’t need to bend over backwards for other candidates; simply make sure they’re not left out.

Top Tip 5:  Listen (almost) as much as you speak

In any interview situation, you’re likely to be nervous.  Nerves can manifest themselves in many different ways and one of the most worrying at group interview is speaking too much.  The temptation is to listen to half of the instructions you’re given, assuming you’ve got the message and start to speak.  If you’re someone who has a tendency to do this in real life, it’s important to hold back on the day of the interview.  Take time to listen to the full instructions given for any task as well as everything that one of your fellow interviewees has to say before adding your penny’s worth.  This approach won’t only mean that you’re accurately addressing the issues in hand, but it’ll also show you as someone who is poised and professional rather than someone who delivers a knee-jerk reaction to every situation.

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