Things not to do when you start a new job

Published: 16 Nov 2015 By Suzie Larcombe

When you have succeeded in your goal to secure your dream aviation job, you’re likely to feel a mix of elation, apprehension and nerves on your first day.  This is entirely normal.  However, the way you deal with these emotions can turn you into a different person from the ‘real you’.  So, when you’re facing the imminent start of your new aviation job, it’s worth taking a bit of time to plan how you’re going to deal with the first few days.  Here are some things that you should AVOID at all costs:

  • Over-controlling your nerves. Admitting, either through subtle body language or by actually saying the words, that you’re a tiny bit nervous is a good thing on your first day.  You don’t need to bang on about it, nor should you allow yourself to look like a nervous wreck, but some admission of nerves normally goes down well.  We’re only human after all and a bit of self-deprecation is normally a good ice-breaker.

  • Giving the impression that you know it all. Giving the impression that you’re the most knowledgeable person in the world is never a good look and should be avoided at all costs when you start a new aviation job.  Even if you do feel as if you know more than most around you, take time to be humble and let your new colleagues feel as if they are valued by you and that you need them.

  • Being wary of asking questions. It’s entirely normal when you’re new that you need to ask questions.  No matter how great any induction process is, it’ll never tell you everything you need to know.  Asking questions of your new colleagues gives you an excuse to speak to them; makes them warm towards you and will help you suss out who’s who and what’s what in your new aviation workplace.

  • Turning down offers of help or advice. When people offer you help in a new job situation, they’re doing it normally for one of two reasons.  First they’ve been asked to and they need to show willing.  Second, they’re doing it to be nice and to get to know the new guy or gal.  Either way, snubbing offers of help or advice isn’t a good strategy.  Even if you wind up not using the help or taking the advice, showing willing is the best approach in a new job situation.

  • Going on and on about how you did ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ may be) in your last job. There’s nothing worse than someone new who appears and suddenly wants to change everything so their new workplace becomes a carbon-copy of where they worked before.  After all, if things were so good in your last job, why did you want to leave?

  • Becoming best mates with the first person who makes themselves available to you. If you look back on most situations in your life, it’s rarely the people you think will be your best friends at the start of a situation (school, university, job etc) that end up being your trusted and valued companions years on.  Be wary of accepting offers of friendship too early.  Clearly it’s not a good idea to reject them outright; but just be wary.  Although not always the case, often the people who want to be best friends with the ‘new person’ on their first day is the person in the office who has least friends themselves…so just be on your guard.

  • Not setting out your stall. While being humble in the company of your colleagues is a good strategy for winning friends, it doesn’t mean to say that you should hide your light completely under a bushel.  When appropriate, you can drop some nuggets of knowledge into the conversation and start to let your personality show.  After all you got the job because you’re good.  Just take time to let it show slowly and naturally.  That said, when you get the chance to set out your stall with your new boss, make sure you’re prepared and don’t hold back.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.

  • Being unable to find the toilet or the coffee machine! Two essential elements of any successful aviation career are making sure you locate (and can easily re-locate) the loo and the coffee machine.  So make these your essential strategies for Day 1!

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