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Although most people tend to think of LinkedIn as the place to promote themselves as a job candidate, there is certainly mileage in making sure your Facebook account is up to scratch when aiming to bag your dream aviation job.  It may well be that you already have a Facebook account that simply needs a bit of attention to help you secure your new future, or it could be that you need to start one up.  Either way, these 5 Top Tips should help you:

  1. Add your professional information to your Facebook profile. If you’re using your Facebook account just for fun right now, it may well be that your profile is pretty thin on detail.  However, if you’d like your Facebook presence to help you promote yourself as a worthy and interesting job candidate, then it’s well worth putting more effort into what you have to say.  Although Facebook isn’t as user-friendly for job information as LinkedIn, you can still use your profile to showcase your skills.  What you need to do is select the option “edit profile” and then complete your skills and achievements so you can show yourself off in your best light.  Using your LinkedIn profile wording (if you have one already) should help with this task, but ideally on Facebook, your comments should be shorter.

  2. Make lists. On an existing Facebook account, you’re likely to already have friends.  On a new account, you can start your friends list from scratch with your job hunting objectives in mind.  The clever thing about Facebook is that you can classify your friends into different groups.  If you’re working with an existing account it’s a good idea to group friends into titles, eg. “work” or “family” or “friends”, but either way, you can make lists of people who can be classified together.  When you’ve done this you can decide what you want to share with whom.  Cleverly asking your Facebook account not to share certain things with your “work” list will keep your private stuff nice and private.  If your account has too many contacts to group all of them, the important thing is to single out the “work” ones for special treatment.

  3. Listen. Once you’re active on Facebook, in the same way as you would with LinkedIn, spend some time just listening to what people in the aviation industry have to say.  Doing this will allow you to have a finger on the pulse of what’s topical and what potential employers have on their agenda at any one time.  By listening you’ll become a worthy contributor.

  4. Get active. Once you decide to post content, be selective.  Take your time and establish exactly what you want to say and what outcome you expect from your post.  You needn’t stress about every post for hours, but a well planned post every now and again is more likely to impress a potential aviation employer than a whole lot of nonsense every day.

  5. Connect. Use your account to make connections.  In the same way that you would network face-to-face, pick out potential contacts and approach them through your friends who may be connected with someone you want to hook up with.Facebook step?

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