Top Tips to improve my aviation CV

Published: 01 Mar 2016

Top tips for improving my aviation CV

Irrespective of whether you’re pitching yourself as a great candidate for an aircraft engineering job in the middle east or an aviation maintenance job in the UK, you need to get your CV spot on.Even opening the doors on airline pilot jobs and management jobs calls for you to invest in your CV to get past the initial filtering process.In this article, we’ll share 7 Top Tips that you can do, even during your lunch break to seriously improve your aviation CV:

  1. Identify your USPs.  USPs, or Unique Selling Points are things that marketers use to make their products and services more appealing to buyers.  While you mightn’t think it, you can use this marketing technique to sell yourself better and advance more effectively in your aviation career.  Your USPs are the things that make you a truly unique candidate.  USPs are tough to identify, but once you’ve done this task and put solid words around each element so they really appeal to your potential employer you’ll raise your CV to a whole new level. 
  2. Create your winning message.  When you have identified your USPs and have managed to describe them in such a way that they will leave your target aviation recruiter in no doubt about the fact that you’re a great candidate for their job, you need to sum them up in a couple of neat phrases.  Slightly different to your USPs, your winning message is what sums up the reasons that the aviation employer you’re appealing to can’t afford not to call you to interview.
  3. Get your Personal Statement spot on.  Your Personal Statement is the paragraph of text that appears ‘above the fold’ on your CV.  In most cases the first thing that your potential aviation employer will read about you, it needs to tell your whole story in about 8 lines of text.  This is a tough call, but working this text, re-working it and re-working it again will really pay dividends.
  4. Turn your work or job experience into a glittering list.  If you read your CV and find yourself dropping off into a light sleep, it’s time to think again.  If you find your aviation CV uninspiring, how on earth are you going to bag yourself that aviation pilot job?  What you need to do here is re-work your list of job experience into a list of things you’ve achieved in your career.  At the end of the day no aviation job in the UAE, UK or middle east is going to get filled by someone whose past reads like a boring list of tasks.  Bring those tasks to life by changing them into a lively read that’s neatly punctuated with impressive outcomes and you’ll be well on your way.
  5. Take a chainsaw to your text.  When it comes to aviation CVs, there’s no getting away from the fact that less is more.  The general consensus is that most CVs needn’t be longer than 2 sides of A4.  If your CV fails the 2-page test, today is the day to sit down and really examine what is so complicated about your message.  It may be that your aviation career experience is long, detailed and worthy of mention, but in most instances, with a bit of work, even the most complicated stories can be told in half the words.  The good news about that is that half the words are probably about twice as likely to be read!   So if you need motivation to cut your text – there it is – you’re more likely to be noticed for that dream aviation job in the end.
  6. Plug the gaps.  If you have gaps in your aviation experience, a great way of plugging them is to do some aviation voluntary work.  There are a whole lot more aviation volunteer opportunities than you might imagine.  Everything from fund raising to volunteering your services as an aviation pilot really can make a huge difference to other people’s lives as well as increasing your chances of making your CV and your story stand out.
  7. Get a second opinion.  If all else fails, get a second opinion.  Most of us are conditioned from an early age not to “show off” and sorry, if you’re not “showing off” just a bit on your CV, you truly are missing a trick.  That said, telling your own story in a powerful, seductive voice isn’t easy and if you’re really struggling, bringing in a professional could take your CV to a new level.  At AviationMatch we’re always on the lookout for ways to help our candidates be the best they possibly can be.  With this goal in mind we’ve linked up with an experienced and affordable marketing writer who can help you describe yourself in the best possible way, whether that’s in your CV, in your covering letter or face-to-face.  You can find out more here.  
  8. Make sure it passes the 30-second test.  As we mention in this article [link to 30-second article], you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Imagine you’re that aviation recruiter; you have 250 CVs to wade through and you’re only human!  Making sure your CV passes the 30-second test as we describe [second link to same article] will make sure you get past “Go!”.

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