Top tips to prepare for aviation interviews


preparing for aviation interviews

Some people think that the interview is the most important part in the recruitment process, but more often than not, it is the preparation you do before hand that makes all the difference. So we thought it was important to provide you with our top tips you should consider when preparing for aviation interviews. 


Know the role you are applying for. Many aviation roles are quite complex and if you don’t have huge experience in the role already then you might struggle when asked questions about the job specification. Often in interviews all the questions will be related to the job you are applying for so it is essential that you can think of at least 2/3 good examples of when you have had experience in the role in question. If you have not had any experience then at least make sure you can relate it as much as possible. For example, when interviewing for a pilot job you may be asked, “what responsibilities do pilots have on a typical flight?”. If you have not been a pilot previous to this interview, you might find it more difficult to answer than more experienced pilots, however the employer may be looking for a more generic answer like, “some of the main responsibilities of pilots on a typical flight are to navigate the flight, update/instruct crew regularly, keep track of weather conditions, air traffic and height among a variety of other tasks as/when required”. 


Do your research on the aviation company. It will impress the employer if you share with them things you know about the company. This could be in answer to an interview question or even as an ice breaker in any awkward silences. For example, the employer could ask you, why do you want to work Emirates? Your reply could be something along the lines of, “Upon research of the company, I was really impressed with the company values….. and found these to be attributes which I have experience in/aspire to”. You get the gist! The employer will appreciate the time and effort you have put into doing research for the interview and will be more likely to remember and consider you for the job. Doing your own research into the company demonstrates to the employer that you are able and willing to go over and above to get the job done. What I mean by this is that by looking into company values or latest company news, shows the employer you are open to opportunities for development. Showing a genuine interest someone or something, will make the employer feel valued by you and that you are willing to put the effort in. 


Do research into the aviation employer. It is possible nowadays to find out information about who is going to be interviewing you, thanks to the power of social media. LinkedIn is pretty much essential in our opinion these days if you are on the job search, especially in aviation. The aviation sector is so big on LinkedIn. If you know the name of the person who is interviewing you, do a quick search on LinkedIn to see if you can find them. From their profile you can usually tell what their work history is, which companies they have an interest in and their skills or ambitions. This is more than enough information to use to your advantage. You might find that you have stuff in common with them and these are golden ice breakers. You will be able to build some rapport and project your personality onto the employers, so inevitably you will become more likeable. You have more chance of getting the job if the employer likes you! 


There are so many more things you could spend time doing before an interview, but sometimes it is best to just go for it with confidence! Make sure you have an answer for every question and use examples as much as possible. In the meantime, if you are on the lookout for an aviation job why not upload your CV to AviationMatch today. Keep up with the latest news on Facebook & Twitter too!

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