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Technology is changing not only how aviation candidates search for jobs, but also how employers sniff out potential candidates.  The likes of job boards and job search engines mean that if you’re serious about bagging yourself your dream job, you need to know what’s required to win the race in standing out from the crowd.  In this blog post we’ll take you through a range of steps to help you use technology to the max when you’re job hunting.

Packaging your skills and experience

No matter whether you’re searching for your new aviation job on a face-to-face basis or using technology, there’s no getting away from the fact that you owe it to yourself to package your skills and experience in the best possible way.  You can find our guides to aviation CV and covering letter writing here (CV guide) and here (covering letter guide). 

However, when you’re relying on technology to help you on your job search, you need to pay particular attention to getting the right keywords into both your covering letter (or additional information) and your CV.  Only by doing this can you be sure to come out of the bag when either agencies or employers do their searches. 

If you’re unsure about which keywords to include in your personal marketing collateral, a good place to start is downloading a range of job descriptions for the role you’re hoping to secure.  Once you’ve done this, concentrate on the terminology that is coming up, particularly in sections like Job Overview or Description, Key Accountabilities and Qualifications and skills.  Be wary of adding buzzwords to your presentation of yourself, but do make sure you include the terms that potential employers are saying they are looking for.

Presenting your skills and experience

Depending on the job you’re applying for, using technology wisely is a great help when it comes to presenting your skills and experience in such a way that it makes you stand out from the crowd.  In certain roles, a black and white CV and covering letter with a classic font like Times Roman is what will be expected.  And in these situations, it’s rarely a good idea to buck the trend, but in more relaxed or innovative roles, you can afford to get creative with technology.  The key when it comes to branding your CV and your covering letter is to remember that ‘less is usually more’.  Go for class and style rather than bling.

Job hunting on the move

One of the greatest things about the advances in technology in the aviation industry job market is that it means you can be on the lookout for your next job 24/7, no matter where you are.  Mobile technology means that you can be one step ahead of the rest when it comes to getting your application in early and making sure you’re on top of all the possible opportunities.  If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, make sure you do it today.  Start here and you’re only a few clicks away from finding your next aviation job.

Embracing the social media

Although the social media can work for or against you when it comes to securing the aviation job of your dreams, there are things you can do using this technology to strengthen your chances of success.  We’ve already commented on using LinkedIn to support your aviation job search here and also the pros and cons of Facebook here, but apart from what we’ve said there, the key thing to bear in mind is that the social media can really help you reinforce your personal brand when it comes to putting yourself forward for aviation jobs.

Here are our 3 Top Tips for getting the most from the social media in your job search:

  1. Make sure your profiles and biographies support your CV and covering letter claims.There’s a significant chance that any potential employer will look at your social media accounts before inviting you to interview, so make sure there’s nothing on your listings that could either contradict your job application claims or worse still cause you embarrassment.

  2. Network intelligently and with confidence but don’t be pushy.Make connections with the right people in the aviation industry, but do so within the rules and appropriately.

  3. Listen and think before you speak.Whatever you put on the social media is likely to be there to stay, so make sure you only make comments that you think you’ll be proud of in a few months or years time.

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