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If you’re looking to fill a job vacancy in aviation, no matter whether it’s in the UK, Dubai or in any other country for that matter, it goes without saying that you want access to the very best candidates. 

Thanks in many ways to the internet, the world is a very small place today and aviation jobs, no matter where they are based are highly sought after.  What this means from your point of view as a recruiter is that you’re likely to get a significant response to any aviation vacancy you post, no matter whether it’s in aircraft maintenance or pilot recruitment.  However, at the end of the day, it’s not the number of applications that you get that will help you secure the best candidate, it’s the quality of candidate.  It is a recognised fact that in most sectors, even today, there is a shortage of top quality candidates.  This is where AviationMatch can really help. 

At AviationMatch we attract some of the finest candidates thanks to our reputation in the industry as well as the quality and ranking of our web site.  So what is it that makes us so special?  One of the first, and fundamental things in our belief is the fact that our team has over 50 years of aviation experience.  In aviation recruitment that makes us pretty exceptional.  Add to this the proven aviation recruitment track-record we’ve built up over the years, combined with our market leading jobsite software and you start to see why more and more recruiters are choosing AviationMatch. 

But there’s a whole lot more to AviationMatch than that.  For example, our site is used and liked by some of the world’s largest airlines because it works across all devices (as you’d expect), but also because we really do go the extra mile to make sure that our recruiters get all the help they deserve to identify the finest candidate for their vacancy. 

By communicating directly with their dedicated Account Managers, recruiters find that we’re quickly able to understand their needs and help them pitch their vacancy in the right way to the right people at a price that won’t break the bank.  This personal, human starting point is backed by our sophisticated email marketing strategy and the weekly and, or monthly catch ups we have with recruiters.

Featured Job Listings, together with CV Database Searching, Application Filtering and the opportunity to feature ads in different ways mean that when you list your vacancy with AviationMatch, you really do have the power to get your message out to the very best candidates.  Add to this our competitive pricing policy and you will quickly see that it really does make sense to speak to the team.

Additionally, we aim to promote your brand throughout our social media channels. We have a vast presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter which has proved to be effective when increasing awareness of vacancies. By using LinkedIn as our primary social media source, we are able engage with thousands of professionals who we know are interested in what we are promoting. We own and operate 3 main LinkedIn groups with a combined following of around 40k+. Therefore the audience is relevant and more importantly, interested in what we have to post about.

Another aspect of our recruitment strategy is targeted email marketing. We use a market leading software to distribute emails which are targeted to jobseekers who are interested in a specific role. For example, if you post a vacancy for an aircraft engineer in the UK then we would send a targeted email campaign out to all engineers located in the UK. By doing this we know that we are targeting the right people therefore there is a heightened opportunity for quality applications.

Ultimately by listing your vacancy on our site, you will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Emirates Airlines, dnata, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways to name but a few of our happy customers.  Companies like these don’t take their recruitment decisions lightly and if you are seriously looking to get your 2016 recruitment campaign off to a great start, you could give us a call on  +44 (0) 141 447 0105 or email sales@aviationmatch.com.  Alternatively, you can Post a Job Today for only £295 by following this link.  You know it makes sense!

If you’re a candidate on the lookout for an aviation job, why not upload your CV today to get headhunted by top airlines and aviation companies as well as receiving job alerts that tell you when new jobs that match your criteria are posted on our site? 

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