What are the key qualities recruiters look for?

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If you’re like most candidates, when you write your aviation CV and covering letter, you’ll focus on what you’ve done and how successfully you’ve achieved your targets over the years.  That’s entirely appropriate, normal and understandable.  But in this day and age when everyone’s sharing their every feeling and every emotion on the social media, you could be missing a trick if you don’t drill down a bit.

Aviation employers (like pretty much all other employers) are accustomed to having to wait until interview to drill down to see if candidates have the qualities and characteristics that are important to them.  But what about if you could get ahead of the pack by letting your experience, achievements and your qualities really shine through in your CV and covering letter?  What about if you could truly differentiate yourself by really demonstrating your key qualities early on? 

Although they’re sometimes tough to identify, this notion is certainly worth a thought.  If you can get down to the qualities and characteristics that truly make you unique, make you different and make you a winning candidate and weave them into your CV and your covering letter, you could give yourself a serious leg-up in your job search.  But how might you do it?

Here are 5 qualities that are high on the list of many aviation recruiters, together with some thoughts on how you might demonstrate them in the written word ahead of your face-to-face chance to sell yourself to the max:

  1. Integrity. Integrity is all about doing things right; doing things within the rules and in a fair, as well as a just way for all.  Integrity is a life-quality that’s highly prized in personal as well as professional relationships.  Being able to demonstrate that you choose to do the right thing, time-after-time, even when the not-so-right thing might be easier or call for less confrontation or face less resistance is a real ‘shout from the rooftops’ quality to add to your pre-interview self-promotion.  You needn’t write War and Peace to show this, you can just touch on examples here and there.
  2. Vision.  Showing that you get the ‘big picture’ either in your current job, previous jobs or regarding what you can bring your future employer is a great way to show vision.  This is particularly the case if you’re able to describe that vision with precision.  Again, no long scripts are called for, even outlining a medium to long-term view will show this quality clearly.
  3. Credibility.  Credibility comes from sticking to your plan, to doing what you say you’re going to do and following through consistently, even when times are tough.  Being able to show on your CV and covering letter that you’re believable and stick to your guns no matter what is a great way to help you shine as a candidate.
  4. Attitude.  Attitude shows and a genuinely positive attitude shines out like a beacon.  Identifying what you want to achieve and going after it with the enthusiasm of a Jack Russell every time gets noticed.  Employers look for people with a positive attitude no matter what; so make sure your aviation promotional materials are ‘glass half full’ and not ‘glass half empty’ in their approach.
  5. Tenacity.  In its most commonly used form, tenacity equals determination, or persistence.  Someone who keeps going when the going gets tough is said to be tenacious.  Employers look for candidates with tenacity because they want to know that when things are difficult, their employees will be right there, rooting for their cause; making sure all stops are pulled to achieve the agreed objectives.  In the current economic climate, tenacity is called for in pretty much every part of life and your staying power, your perseverance and your stamina shouldn’t be too tough to describe.  Having said that, make sure that you include it on your promotional materials and don’t just assume that a potential aviation employer will know that you have it.

So there you have it; 5 characteristics or qualities that you more than certainly have, but you might take for granted. 

When you’re applying for your next aviation job, our advice is bring them to the fore and shout them from the rooftops.  Otherwise you could miss out to someone who’s gone to great lengths to do just that – and that would be a real shame.

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