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When you’re searching for your dream aviation job, one of the key things that’ll help you achieve your goals fast is preparation.  Being prepared for the right opportunity coming up and in particular being prepared for that all important interview is absolutely essential and, like any performer, the more you prepare, the better your performance will be. 

When it comes to doing your company homework for an interview, there’s a whole host of things you need to think about.  We’ve already posted an article about the general things you should be thinking about here, but today we want to focus on what you should look for when investigating the company website.

The company overview

Most company websites will have an “About us” page on their website, albeit with some of the bigger aviation companies, this section might be tucked away in a footer.  Even if it’s not on the main menu, you should be able to find this section somewhere, so it’s well worth looking for.  About us is a really good place to start when investigating a company website because it will allow you to get a good picture of the way the company views itself and what its values are. 

Also in this section you’ll often find the company story and access to some latest news articles as well as facts about services they provide and even their view on environmental issues.  If you study this part of the company website carefully and with the mind of a journalist, you’ll be really well positioned to have a deep and meaningful conversation on any aspect of the company. 

The brand

Branding is a clever process of convincing consumers to associate certain values with certain company traits.  Branding involves colours, images, behaviours and statements that the company makes to describe itself and to communicate what buyers can expect.  If you look at the likes of the Emirates website and then look at the likes of flybe, you will see that the brand images that they are portraying are very different.  The Emirates brand is focusing on service expectations and delivery, whereas flybe is focusing on price.

By looking closely at a company website, you’ll get a good notion of where their brand fits in the overall market and you will be able to pitch your views at interview accordingly.

Their target market

Once you’ve looked at an aviation company’s branding, you’re likely to have a good idea of their target market.  Being able to demonstrate an understanding of a potential employer’s target market at interview, shows that no matter how far removed from the customer the position you’ve applied for might be, you understand the importance of this part of the chain.  Being able to speak knowingly about where a company positions itself in the market and the opportunities within that market sector will help you stand out in a crowd and win brownie points at interview.

Their team

Most aviation websites will have a section about the people who are involved in the business.  This is a really useful resource because it will allow you to gather some names from which you can carry out some serious research.  Once you know who’s who in the company, you can Google the main players; check them out on LinkedIn and get a real feel for what floats their boat.  This is a great opportunity because you can rest assured that if they are main players, then their publicly stated concerns are likely to be influential in the direction of the company.


Not all companies publish financials on their websites, but if the company you’re being interviewed by does, then it’s really interesting to have a good look at the financials they’ve published.  Look for anything out of the ordinary or any trends that mightn’t be obvious on first glance.  While making comparisons with other companies isn’t always the best barometer of success, comparing some financials might help you build a view on where the company is going.

A final word of warning

When you’re doing company website research, bear in mind that the company website is the place where the company says what they want to say about themselves, rather than necessarily revealing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  While it’s logical and important that you use the information you get on the website as a lead to exploring other avenues and developing an overall view of the company, make it your business to look well beyond this resource as well.

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