Why aren’t you getting your dream job?

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Job hunting isn’t an easy process and if you’ve been searching for your dream job for a while, it might sometimes seem as if it will never come.  If you keep missing out on your dream job, perhaps today’s the time to ask a few tough questions about why it is constantly escaping you.  Here are 10 important ones to get you started:

  1. Have you truly created your finest brand that fits the job like a glove? Packaging yourself and your strengths as if you were a top-end luxury product is essential if you’re to bag the dream job you’re after.  That said, you need to go a step further than that and make sure that you have directed the things that make you a great candidate directly towards the specific needs of the prospective employer.  Really getting inside the job description to understand the employer’s pain points and what they really want to get from the candidate they recruit will help you do this with military precision.

  2. Is your CV as good as it can get? Writing the core of your CV isn’t all that difficult, but you owe it to yourself to make sure that each and every time you put it out to a potential employer that you’ve invested the time necessary to really tailor it to their needs and issues.  Failure to do this could be seriously scuppering your chances of getting further than the ‘not interested’ pile.

  3. Have you produced top quality supporting evidence? When you make claims in your CV, covering letter or supporting material, you need to make sure you go the extra mile to provide evidence of those claims in action.  That evidence might be events, sales results, cost savings or outcomes of another description.  It doesn’t really matter too much the nature of the evidence, the importance is that it exists and again relates directly to the problems, pains and concerns of the potential employer. 

  4. Are you embracing the social media to the max? The social media is a great way to show your wares to the world, but getting maximum exposure takes time and energy.  If you’re wondering why your dream job keeps escaping you, take time to double check what your social media accounts are saying about you as well as going the extra mile to network and to join in discussions that will give you the chance show subtly how good you really are.

  5. Are you signed up to all the job sites that might deliver? Although we believe that you’ve got a great chance of finding your next dream job at AviationMatch, we accept that there are other aviation sites that might have a solution that’s right for you too.  Signing up to all the job sites that are likely to hold a job that will tick your boxes makes complete sense and you should do so.  Once you’re in there, make it your priority to check what they have to offer on a regular basis and respond.

  6. Is your mind wide open? Sometimes dream jobs come in different shapes than we have in our minds.  It could be that you’ve somewhat pigeon-holed yourself from an opportunity point of view and this is what’s making your dream job a bit tough to nail down?  If that’s the case, take time to open up your mind and look at things differently because you never know what result it might bring.

  7. Are you applying for sufficient jobs? In the aviation industry there are lots of opportunities on the go right now.  If you’re not at the stage where your dream job is getting any closer, it might be a simple case that you’re not applying for enough jobs.  Even if a job isn’t 100% perfect, if it’s even close, it’s more than likely that it’s worth applying for.  At the end of the day any job application or interview process is worthwhile and will stand you in good stead for the day when the ‘big one’ comes along.

  8. Do you have a programme that you stick to make sure it happens? Apathy is no route to a new aviation job.  No matter how long you’ve been searching, the day when the fire is no longer in your belly is the day where your chances have flown out the window.  If you’re determined to bag that dream aviation job you need to put your full weight behind the project.  Create a daily programme of what you’ll do to make it happen and stick to it.

  9. Are you in great shape? Being full of energy and in a positive frame of mind will stand you in great stead when it comes to getting your dream job.  If you’ve got into lazy habits, break yourself free of them and get out into the fresh air and sunshine.  A positive view will help you no end when it comes to going the distance to make sure you get the change you want and deserve.

  10. Are you prepared to the max? If an interview were to come along tomorrow are you prepared?  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and interview isn’t the place where you can afford to fail.  You need to give your interview preparation everything you’ve got and make sure you’re match-ready when the time comes.

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