Why employers really want to keep you

Published: 10 Nov 2015 By Suzie Larcombe

When you’ve made the decision that you want to move on to pastures new in your aviation career, it’s all too easy to get your head down and forge your way ahead.  But for some people, the solution to the future they want lies closer to home than they might imagine.  In today’s tough and competitive aviation market place, employers are often keener than employees think to hold on to their valued people.  Here’s why:

They selected you in the first place

No matter whether your first in command is a line manager or the owner of the company, if they hired you in the first instance, they did so because you were the best person for the job.  They hired you because they wanted you on side.  When they get wind of the fact that you want to leave, that’s rejection from their point of view.  It may be that there have been things on both sides that mean reality has turned out differently that one or other of you imagined, but at the end of the day, if you’re a valued employee, there’s no way that your line manager or the company owner will want you to go.

You’re good

It’s a strange thing to say, but most people who are looking to move on to their next aviation position are really good at what they do.  Otherwise they mightn’t feel comfortable raising their head above the parapet.  And the fact is; if you’re good at what you do, there’s no way your employer will want to lose you.  It may be that you feel as if you’re undervalued or that you’re being overlooked time after time when opportunities arise, but in fact there may be things happening in the organisation that you’re simply not aware of (see below).  Either way, taking time to speak to your employer before jumping ship might give rise to developments you simply can’t see right now.

They’ve invested in you

Recruiting and training the right people calls for significant investment.  Ask any employer and they’ll tell you what a drain on resources taking on new people can be.  A real investment of time and money, there’s no getting away from the fact that when you start a new job, you invariably cost your employer money, even if you’re making money for them at the same time!  When you decide to move on to pastures new, your employer is faced with the fact that a human resource they’ve invested in is (potentially) taking their knowledge and experience to a competitor AND they’re going to have to re-invest in bringing your replacement up to speed.  This hurts and is another good reason why employers want to keep you.

They know things that you don’t

Even if you feel as if you’ve been constantly overlooked for promotions or opportunities for personal development, there may be a very good reason why.  You mightn’t be aware of that reason right now, but before jumping ship it might be worth exploring what your bosses have in mind for you.  It may be that the flexibility you’re looking for, or the excitement or satisfaction you crave are already in your bosses plans for you.  Even if staying where you are is only a short-term solution, it really is a good idea to take the trouble to ask for what you want.  You never know, it might be a whole lot more accessible than you imagine!

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