Why passion and personality could help you bag your aviation job

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When you are getting ready to launch your aviation job search campaign, you’re sure to dig out old CVs, pull together annual evaluations from previous jobs and start to make a list of qualifications that prove you’re equipped to do the role that’s advertised.  Getting all of these ducks in a row is extremely important and is an essential part of the overall process, but some of the less tangible things, like the qualities and characteristics we spoke about recently may be what swing the final decision in your favour.  Today we’re going to look at the importance of passion and personality in the interviewers decision-making process.

Personality is what sets every one of us apart from others.  The word personality itself is derived from the Latin word persona which originally referred to a theatrical mask that was used in performances to identify characters.  But today, personality refers more to the characteristics, emotion, behaviour and thought patterns that come together in each and every one of us to make us different from the person next to us, or even to other members of our families.  While there may be similar personality traits in various groups of people, at the end of the day we are all unique.  And, as we will soon demonstrate, showing that uniqueness is a great way to help you stand out at interview.

Passion on the other hand is all about excitement, a genuine and deep desire to add value and a fire in your belly that you can virtually see from the outside looking in.  Employers are inundated with people who are suitably qualified to do the roles they have to fill, but they’re looking beyond the basics; they’re looking for people who have a genuine desire to make a difference in the workplace and are able to articulate that in the interview.  As a result, investing in identifying what you’re passionate about and being able to show that while you are at interview is time very well spent ahead of your interview date.

So how on earth might you show personality and passion when you’re already feeling so under pressure to perform?

It’s natural that you’ll be nervous prior to your aviation interview.  In fact, if you’re not nervous, you’re highly likely to under-perform.  So ahead of time, learning to embrace your nerves and use them to your advantage is really important.  Once you have your nerves under control you will be able to let your personality and your passion shine through.

Personality is something that can’t be learned, so any employer who values it it will want to see strong signs of it at interview.  Smiling, telling personal stories to illustrate your track record and being enthusiastic, as well as using your body and your interview outfit to let the real you shine through will stand you in great stead when it comes to bagging your dream aviation job. 

Thereafter, even if you’re desperately nervous, it’s important to get a degree of passion into your presentation at any aviation interview.  Talking about things you’ve done, in detail and with enthusiasm is a great and appropriate way to show passion in an interview setting.  And the good news is that even the most introverted of people can do this with a bit of preparation.  Speaking about experiences or events that you have enjoyed will help, as will smiling when you speak and letting your eyes light up naturally.  Using your voice in such a way that you vary the tone and volume will also add passion to your presentation and will draw you naturally closer to getting that job.

In summary, when it comes time to prepare for your next aviation job; yes, concentrate on your qualifications and experience, but don’t forget to set aside a good amount of time to prepare for how you’re going to present your personality and your passion.

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