Why you should absolutely work for Emirates Airline


why you should work for emirates airline

Everyone knows Emirates because they are one of the world’s most prestigious airlines and they fly to the most exotic places. They are famous for their amazing business and first class lounges in airports and on board their flights. If you are interested in working in aviation, then you need to consider Emirates. Not only do they fly to the most exotic locations but they are also based in one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in the world. If you work for Emirates you will be living and working in Dubai. “The Emirates Group is a highly profitable business with a turnover of approximately US$18.4 billion and over 50,000 employees. The Group is made up of dnata, one of the largest air services provider globally and Emirates airline, the Group’s rapidly expanding and award-winning international carrier. Within the Group there are a diverse range of businesses which offer a wide spectrum of career opportunities”. 


Emirates have a range of attractive employee benefits on offer. One of the most sought after benefits is the tax free competitive salary. This would be an amazing benefit for many people, especially from the UK where monthly salary is reduced due to tax deductions. Emirates also offer a profit share scheme where if company targets are met employees, based on a qualifying period, receive their share in addition to their monthly wage. All employees are also entitled to 30 days of annual leave every year, which is of course paid. This is often more than the average job in the UK is entitled to and if you are living in Dubai or you are cabin crew with Emirates, then you will more than likely feel like you are on holiday even on your days off. 


Working with Emirates Airline means you have the opportunity to work with people from a variety of  different cultures and nationalities. This is always an amazing experience and will help you to grow as a person. It will help you to expand your skill set and push your career in the right direction. There are over 160 nationalities currently employed through Emirates Airline. Imagine the conversations you could have on a day to day basis in this company! Emirates greatness has much to do with the cultural diversity which exists within the airline. If multiple nationalities work together, it often means that a broader range of ideas and innovations are exchanged. Emirates have stated that, “Our employee diversity also complements Dubai’s cosmopolitan multicultural population where over 85% of residents are expatriates.”


To give you an example of working with Emirates Airline, I need to talk about one of the most sought after roles, cabin crew. Flight attendant jobs with Emirates are one of the most popular roles in the aviation industry, but there are also the most competitive. Emirates receive around 15,000 cabin crew applications per month for their flight attendant jobs and there are already 13,000 cabin crew members working for Emirates. No wonder though! The lifestyle created by working as cabin crew for Emirates is amazing. You get to live in Dubai (for free), you get to fly to some of the worlds most exotic places and often get to spend a few nights there (again for free). Members of cabin crew receive 30 days of annual leave and a free ticket to get home! After 3 years of working with them, the free ticket can be used to visit anywhere in the Emirates network. Family and friends can come visit and stay with you anytime so there is less chance of getting homesick. 


Emirates is such an attractive airline to work for for many reasons, but I think we have covered the main ones which attract aviation candidates. Can you think of anymore? Why would you like to work for Emirates? Let us know! In the meantime, if you are on the lookout for an aviation job why not upload your CV to AviationMatch today. Keep up with the latest news on Facebook & Twitter too. 

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