Why you should apply for your dream aviation job even if you don't meet the job spec


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Applying for aviation jobs can be daunting enough, but applying for one that you don’t meet the full job spec can be even worse. That doesn't mean you should shy away from your dream aviation job though, and here’s why…

You might be interested in a job as an aircraft project engineer, but you don't have a university degree. This doesn't mean to say you don't possess the required technical ability and mindset to lead and organise aerospace projects. This type of job is likely to involve, hiring and training staff, keeping up with the progress of your team and other administrative tasks. You can gain relevant experience in these areas through other means. If you have ever worked in a team whether it be through a part-time job or in a sport activity, then you can apply this experience to the job application for an aircraft project engineer. Even better if you have lead a team before. 

Pilot jobs specifications often state they require a specific degree to be eligible for the job, however this is not always the case. More often than not, it is experience you need to be a pilot rather than time spent in education. Many pilots say it is not worth your time spending 4/5 years at university as this time could be spent building up your hours of flying which is essential for gaining a pilot’s licence. 

This also applies to cabin crew jobs. You may think you need to have a degree or HNC (for UK candidates) to be considered for cabin crew role, however this is not exactly the case. In many cabin crew job specs it states that a qualification in for example, hospitality management or travel and tourism is ‘preferred, but not essential’. This means that having studied a course like this, shows you have a particular interest in the industry, not that you would be any better at the job as someone with relevant work experience. 

The type of work experience relevant to cabin crew roles would be customer service. Lots of people have had experience in customer facing roles in the past or had some sort of positive impact on others. When applying for cabin crew jobs it is important to mention any relevant experience in your written application and at interview stage. Showing you are customer orientated will have a positive impact on your application. 

Some airlines have specific requirements for cabin crew, however. For example, Emirates state the required height for the role is minimum 160cm and arm reach must be at least 212cm when on tiptoes. They also state that you must have no visible tattoos if you want to be cabin crew with Emirates. If you want to know more about applying for cabin crew jobs, read a helpful article here.

Overall, if you want to work in aviation, the most important thing to have is relevant experience. Analyse job specs thoroughly, and make sure you include ALL relevant experience to the aviation role. 

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