• Using social media to enhance my aviation job hunt
    Tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook have only in the last few years become really prominent in the aviation recruitment process
  • When you’re applying for jobs in aviation, one of the first things your prospective employer will come across is your CV.
  • Being unemployed is rarely a situation a job hunter chooses, but if you do find yourself aviation job hunting without the luxury of being in work while you search is it ever a good idea to publicise the fact?
  • Being made redundant is a dream come true for many, but for others it can be a nightmare that comes like a bolt out of the blue.
  • Redundancy comes as a significant shock to some and for others it’s the opportunity they’ve been waiting for to enable them to follow their dream of a real life change.
  • Redundancy for some is a big black cloud and for others it’s very much a golden opportunity. Irrespective of whether you are facing a long awaited redundancy that means an escape from a job with a healthy pay-off or your redundancy is unexpected and isn’t going to be the financial nirvana you’d ...