Salary and Benefits

  • Negotiating a pay rise with your aviation employer
    There are some things to consider before you go jumping the gun and asking for more money…
  • When it comes to securing your dream aviation job, even as an aviation graduate, it’s all about knowing what you want and going after it in the best possible way.
  • If you’re looking for aviation jobs, no matter whether they’re in the UK or in the middle east, it’s likely that you’ve debated over whether or not a university education might help you secure your goal.
  • Irrespective of whether you’re on the lookout for an aviation job in the UK or in the middle east, jobs in aviation are often hailed as one of the most desirable career choices.
  • A trainee Air Traffic Controller generally earns around £12,000 plus benefits within the UK however fully qualified air traffic controllers earn between £32500 to £36500. , you can earn between £32,500 and £36,000 ... The NATS site has further details about working for them and what they do.
  • Private medical insurance is a controversial subject. Some people are completely for it and some think it makes for a split society.